News you can’t use

But I found interesting anyway.

1) Meg Whitman, former EBay CEO, is in the race for Governor of California. Arnold is out on term limits. (Sigh. Term limits. Doesn’t that have a wonderful ring to it?)

2) Something’s up with Steve Wozniak. Today’s announcement? He’s one of 13 for Dancing with the Stars. Last week there was news he was heading back to work as chief scientist for Fusion-io.

Maybe someone’s bored?

3) Have you ever heard of M.I.A.? Me either, but this is what she wore to last night’s Grammy’s. (Yes, she’s very pregnant.) It belongs right up there with Bjork’s swan, don’t you think?


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    I like the swan better… so Disney-esque! Perhaps the preganant M.I.A. was dressed as the ugly duckling?

  2. I was thinking toadstool. Where’s the gnome?