Kiss offshore drilling goodbye

No doubt Ken Salazar, Obama’s Secretary of the Interior, chose a Tuesday on purpose to dash the dreams of drilling offshore in America. Oh, I know technically it’s just a longer comment period, but I don’t think it’s too hard to read between those lines.

Here’s a response from the American Petroleum Industry:

WASHINGTON – American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard today issued the following statement on Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s announcement that he would extend the Outer Continental Shelf Five-Year Plan comment period by 180 days:

“Congress made the American people wait nearly 30 years to address our immediate energy challenges. Secretary Salazar today told the American people they must continue to wait – even though more than two-thirds of them want to tap our vast domestic resources for the benefit of all Americans.

“The accelerated Outer Continental Shelf five-year plan process, which the secretary placed on hold today, was designed to address the critical energy concerns facing Americans. The draft plan already received a record 120,000 comments from states, environmental groups, industry, labor groups and members of the public – with 87,000 of those comments supporting expanded and expeditious development.

Secretary Salazar’s announcement means that development of our offshore resources could be stalled indefinitely. That would delay Americans’ access to nearly 160,000 new, well-paying jobs, $1.7 trillion in revenues to federal, state and local governments and greater energy security.

Obviously this president doesn’t intend to show much intelligence when it comes to America’s energy needs. And isn’t it clever how he deflects the decision instead of owning it? No leadership here.


  1. I like how democrats can say that socializing medicine helps create jobs, but building oil platforms and hiring workers to staff the damn things doesn’t.