Are the Obamas overexposed?

Think Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump (who swears there’s No Such Thing as Over-Exposure.) Overexposure is the public relations risk of your name or image providing negative returns. Just like in photography, your public image starts to wash out.

The latest offering to support this theory: a Vogue cover for Michelle.

I remember days and days without hearing President Bush’s name. Even more where we didn’t see his face or hear a soundbite. Have we had a day in the last four months where one of the Obamas weren’t piped into our family rooms or car radio? If we have, I certainly can’t recall it.

Do you think there will be implications of all this fandom? It’s so odd to see Americans fawn over a politician like they do celebrities. I worry that maybe the line is too blurred. But then I remember Barack Obama had more experience in the celebrity category than the political prior to his election.

One of the symptoms of overexposure is a quick decline in interest. It could be we’re seeing a bit of that already. In the Wisconsin blog circuit, all those liberal bloggers are remarkably quiet lately on the subject of the Obamas.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I don’t read Vogue. But in defense of Laura Bush I find their cover statement offensive and untrue. As far as I know the Bush bashing has been exclusively aimed at George. Now this liberal rag decides to take a cheap shot at the woman whom I am sure many believe has been the best and classiest First Lady in many years. To my knowledge she was proud of her country long before she was 44 years old. And by all accounts Laura Bush is well respected and liked around the world, especially in Africa and the middle East.

  2. I don’t understrand the hype over Michelle Obama. It’s as if, in the eyes of certain media, B. is getting too much and they don’t want M. left in the shadows.

    I don’t see her as attractive, classy or fashionable. Not that I would know.

  3. “Entertainment Tonight” came on the tube one night after dinner. It promoted BHO as the first “pop culture” president. If I had to define “pop culture” in one word then that word would be “entertainment”. Therefore BHO is basically an entertainer. We will see if the public values their entertainment over their economic and other freedoms.

  4. @Randy & Deekaman, I agree. I also believe the prominent cover splash is tended primarily for foreign minds, to convince them all Americans love adore and embrace the Obama’s.

    @Leapin, Indeed! It is a matter of priorities… will entertainment be placed above substance?

    Time to watch Mel Gibson in “BraveHeart” again? And fathom all he suffered for what he valued most, as uttered by his last word… “Freeeeeedom!”