Elmbrook’s Superintendent Matt Gibson talks retirement

Gibson confirmed today he’d mentioned his possible retirement to a group of candidates:

I don’t have a confirmation as the time line is open ended. I did share in a meeting with prospective board candidates that those elected may have the privilege of hiring a new superintendent during their upcoming three-year term. My current contract runs through June 30, 2010 at which time I will have completed 15 years here. I will discuss with the Board during my evaluation conference this summer (July 2009) whether to extend or retire. Thanks for your interest.

My guess is he’s out of here. First clue? Vested pension with a hefty finishing salary. How would you like to never work again and still make more than the average American? (If someone know how to figure out the retirement numbers, let me know.)


  1. I’ve heard the rumors piped in from juvie (aka behs).