Favorite things

Since our beloved President continues to insist the world is coming to an end, I thought we’d play a bit today. Help me make a list of favorite things. (Hey, Madame Winfrey gets away with it; why can’t I?)

Rules: Item must be under $20. And remember, this is a family blog.

I’ll start. I have a couple of new favorites I’ve picked up in the last month. Both have made my life easier, and one does so in style.

1) My life is much improved with Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Lotion. Every winter for as long as I’ve lived here my skin flakes and itches. Even with a home humidifier, I’m miserable. Now I have a solution. I can’t believe how well this works! I wish I had believed the ads sooner.

2) Behold, sunglasses with little inserts that correct for my aging eyes.
These are from online, but the ones I picked up are from ULTA in Brookfield Fashion Center.

I bought these to take to St. Kitts for all that beach reading. I’m finding out they are wonderful for every day. Need to see the ATM screen? No problem. Trying to read a map? Great! The only trouble I’ve had is going down stairs – there’s a bit a that bifocal curse – so they come off then.

Any ideas of your own? Share below and I’ll try to find pictures.