Oh Gracious God

“What are you going to do for ME, Mr. President?”

“I’ll pat you on the head, kid.”

Everyone feel better now?

Watch Obama pace the stage and work the crowd. This man can’t possibly do his job and sit behind a desk in the Oval Office. His ego has to be in front of a screaming crowd at all times.


  1. I don’t think I would want to buy a hamburger from that spaz kid. And I’m pretty sure with a high school diploma you can do better than McDonalds… until its time to interview and you scare everyone away.

    OH GRACIOUS GOD…..im going to puke.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    They’re not teaching our young people the difference between a democracy and a monarchy.
    Also I can’t help but notice the irony in the scrolled message and the DOW score as displayed. Apparently for investors who sell short it will be an opportunity.

  3. Randy –

    Not only do they need better teaching to our young people on civics and economics, we need to do it before allowing them to vote. McBoy and
    many more like him cancel out more thoughfully considered votes.


    From Obama’s First National Address, February 9, 2009:
    “And that is why the single most important part of this economic recovery and reinvestment plan is the fact that it will save or create up to 4 million jobs, because that’s what America needs most right now.”

    From a speech to construction workers in Virginia, February 11, 2009:
    “our plans to save or create 3 million jobs”

    So in 2 days he gets his ‘spendulus’ bill passed AND manages to eliminate 1 million jobs from his lofty promises – yet we have a bunch of idiots drooling over his every word. OH GRACIOUS GOD

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    We here in the 57th state hope that lost 1 million jobs are somewhere else. I’m still waiting for an Obama supporter to explain to me how we are going to ‘count’ or quantify those millions of saved jobs. He’s making a statement that sounds wonderful and means nothing. Symbolism over substance.

  6. Day 23 – The War on Prosperity

    Loved the McBoy appearance yesterday with BHO. Typical young Obummer voter. Hey dude president! McBoy is all pumped up to go into work today thinking his manager will be presenting him with a golden parachute and other increased benefits only to realize the terrible reality and disappointment when that is not the case. Kind and compassionate libs everywhere feel his pain.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    There is so much I want to comment on concerning the Henrietta Hughes story in Ft Myers. There are so many questions. I smell a big rat running through this story but I shall wait and see. Rats don’t go away.


    Our President has become a game show host. Check your local listings to see when he will appear in your city.

  8. Henrietta Hughes, Come on down!

    You think she was a plant? I don’t know. She got emotional at the end, and it felt genuine.

    Maybe she wants her cell phone and car paid for from this plan.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    Did you know she’s had a $150,00 house given to her?

  10. No – I’d need a little backup. You know that!

    Are we about to make her the liberal equivalent of Joe the Plumber?

  11. Rat’s don’t go away… did his deported Auntie ever leave???

  12. Randy in Richmond says:

    No, she’s living in Ohio.

  13. Randy in Richmond says:
  14. Oh, I see.

    Let me add that one does not stay homeless in America for over a year unless one WANTS to. We have enough social programs in place that anyone willing to follow the rules can be sheltered. Of course, there are a lot of people out there that refuse to live by rules.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    This story is too slick.

  16. Auntie has an immigration hearing in April. She was also at the inaugural events.

  17. From reading the link provided, looks like “negative media or congressional interest” is the new spin-word for telling the truth? Looks like good has become bad… and bad has become good.

  18. This is disgusting, it really is. Yesterday, leaving a class, I encountered a fellow classmate (a die hard Obama supporter) and asked her how she felt about the new ‘socialized medicine’ provisions in the spendulus bill. Before she was even able to respond, three of her friends (more Obamaphiles) jumped down my throat saying I had no business discussing politics in a professional atmosphere… they conveniently forgot that we are all studying to be physicians some day. I don’t understand this unconditional love for a person (if you consider politicians people…) that they have not met. How do you even approach people like this?

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    Looks like Julio has landed another gig–sorta. The Fort Myers baseball team has hired him for a one day stint on their opening day for $25.00. It pays to know the game show host.

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    Here is a story from June 2004 in Rochester, NY, describing a doctor’s visit by Henrietta Hughes’ son, Corey.


    The story itself has no significance except that the Obama administration and the media have used Henrietta as an example of our sour economy. Accounts I have read and viewed picture her as a casualty of the current economic downturn.
    See this as a typical story:


    “The face of the economic crisis” is how Ms. Hughes is being hailed. However, as pointed out in the June 2004 article the Hughes’ have been homeless and unemployed since at least 4 + years ago.
    I have no malice toward the Hughes’ and sincerely wish them the best. But don’t anyone hold them up to legitimatize the Stimulus Bill or
    other doom and gloom we are constantly hearing from the Obama administration and Democratic Congress. (Not quite a rat, yet)

  21. So these two are professional freeloaders who like a little press? Ick.

  22. Randy in Richmond says:

    Here’s the latest…


    Can you find out who created this site as it is WordPress?

  23. You win a whole new post!

  24. Dan H-

    “three of her friends (more Obamaphiles) jumped down my throat saying I had no business discussing politics in a professional atmosphere”

    The Democrats in Washington don’t even want to discuss the stimu”less” and they are supposedly in a professional atmosphere. Well, it could be worse, by this time next year your first amendment rights might be redefined and your attempted discussion might be described as a hate crime.

  25. Tinkerbell says:

    @Leapin: stimu”less”! I like it.

  26. Randy in Richmond says:

    I found out who created the Henrietta website. It is a private individual living in Florida.