What’s for dinner? Wednesday, February 11th

I believe in using up what’s around the house. That’s another way of saying I have no desire to head to the grocery store today. Like any other gal who knows her kitchen, I’m always aware of a few things stashed for – well – a rainy day. A pork tenderloin happened to occupy a corner of my freezer.

I found this recipe, and that’s what’s for dinner. I have all of the ingredients sans creme fraiche, so I’ll leave the “finishing” off tonight. I’ll use the juice from 3 or 4 Clementines instead of oranges.

Add roasted potatoes, a back of the crisper salad, and I’m done.

One of my favorite things is to do an internet search of the ingredients on hand and see what’s out there in a recipe. Have you had any luck?