Stuff I’d like to know (Consider this your Write On)

But probably am too lazy to get to today.

1) What did the library board decide about closing days for weather? Will we be paying staff anyway? Did we pay for the two days they shut down last month?

2) Who wants into the Elmbrook school district?

3) Whatever happened to Michael Sprinkel?

Yes, I know someone’s suing Elmbrook about the graduation location. It happens every year. Someday they’ll win and we’ll shift the ceremony to those spiffy new gyms that are being built. Fewer people will attend, but at least they’ll be able to claim victory. (Does anyone know how many the gyms are supposed to seat?)

We’ve had two graduations at Elmbrook church and they’ve both been very pleasant. If you haven’t convinced your child of your athiest/agnostic beliefs by their senior year, it’s your problem. Any 17 or 18 year old should be able to face a couple of hours of perceived opposite thinking without curling into a fetal position. So, for that matter, should any parent.

Silly news: A link from Patrick McIlheran has been worth exactly 2 hits in 12 hours. Cool for the link! But I’m wondering if the lack of traffic is a reflection on him or me. After all, a link from Fox Politics was worth 3.

It’s such a fickle hobby.

I’m feeling rather uninspired today towards blogging. Perhaps that will change, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It may be slow through the weekend.


  1. As I understand it, Michael Sprinkel is working in Wisc. in construction. He has had several court dates in La., but has not even been formally charged yet. He has a “status meeting” scheduled in La. for March 19. I guess the wheels of justice turn slowly. Does anyone know anything more? Thanks

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    I do not use Google directly but today their little illustration threw me as I didn’t get it’s meaning. I clicked on it to find they are celebrating the birthday of a well known man of the 19th century. Duh, it’s February 12th.
    Oh, not him. No, not Lincoln. Not even an American. It’s the Englishman Charles Darwin. Given the choice of saluting one of the two , Google chose Darwin. Glad I stopped using them.

  3. From what I remember, they have graduation at Elmbrook for one reason: air conditioning. They would have a lot more lawsuits on their hands if they had graduation in the gym from all the people who were hospitalized for heat stroke.

  4. Ah, thanks for that bit of info. I think the NEW gyms will be A/C’d, though. (Energy efficient planning at work.)

  5. This sort of suit really steams me. What a waste of time and money and goodwill. Elmbrook church has been very generous toward the community in allowing groups to use their facility. That space is not even a sanctuary in the traditional sense; they call it an auditorium. You would really have to go out of your way to be offended by the venue.

  6. I graduated from East in 1985. Back then,Graduation was held on a Friday night, and we did it in the un-airconditioned gym. It was hotter than heck, for both the graduates and their families. I seem to recall that one or two graduates wore shorts under their gowns. We were also limited to a certain number of family “tickets” because space was limited, so not everyone in my extended family (aunts, uncles, etc.) could come. Wish we could have graduated in airconditioned comfort!

  7. I heard a clip of Dr. Gibson on the news (radio) today saying they used Elmbrook church because it was handicapped accessible whereas our gyms were not.

    Kathryn is right. Elmbrook Church auditorium is not like a Catholic Church sanctuary. There is no altar, and no stations of the cross or statues there, just the clear glass window with the I-beam cross division and a single, plain cross above the stage at the front, as I recall.

    They have rented it out for secular concerts because it is BIG.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    I wish someone could tell me specifically what this teacher in Beaverdam, WI did that warrented her being suspended. Is it just because one parent thought it was inappropriate? Don’t teachers in Wisconsin have First and Second Amendment rights?

  9. I’m thinking what you are on that one. Free speech must be dead here.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Your Wisconsin Sen. Kohl says one of the reasons he supported the Obama Stimulus Bill is that each family will receive about $900. Last year when the Bush rebates were being distributed (remember, individuals got $600) Michele Obama had this to say:

    “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, complained the government’s $600 economic stimulus check was only enough to buy “a pair of earrings” while stumping for her husband.”

    “You’re getting $600 – what can you do with that?” Mrs. Obama said in Pontiac, Michigan last week. “Not to be ungrateful or anything, but maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn’t pay down every bill every month. The short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good, and it may even feel good that first month when you get that check, and then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings.”

    She made these remarks at a “working women’s roundtable discussion.

    Based on Kohl’s ‘family’ reference I would assume that means about $300 per person. Put another way Michelle Obama would actually prefer the Bush rebate program over that of her husband’s, President Obama. On his program she can only buy one earring with her share.

  11. You’re a hoot!

  12. Ouch! Called out for only generating 2 links in 12 hours. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

    Randy – good call on the google drawing. No doubt they would probably say they are waiting until Monday.

    PS – What’s a Write On? Basically any topic is fair game in the comments?

  13. Yes, pretty much an open thread. But I couldn’t just say that, could I?

  14. Is Michael Sprinkel really not in jail yet? He was charged over a year ago!

  15. Marie – Sprinkel was never formally charged.

  16. Most likely he will never be charged. The D.A. in Louisiana will continue to string this out, and eventually it will come out that he did nothing illegal.

  17. The New Berlin Eisenhower High School theater seats 840 and the upper gym is capable of holding all 1,200+ students for all-school assemblies.