The party’s over…

Watch the video and peruse the text of this story. There’s a bit of (uhem) change in the air. Reporting is going to be interesting if the MSM is going off Obama.

The White House can’t be happy about this news as reported.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Also, in the land of no earmarks, Harry Reid inserted an 8 billion dollar ‘request’ into the bill for a high speed rail system between L.A. and Las Vegas. In the land of transparency no one really knows what’s in this bill yet we were told we, the American people, would have 5 days to review all but emergency bills. In the land of change this is politics as usual at it’s very worst. In the land of hope the light has dimmed and is almost dark.
    It’s one thing to promise and yet another to deliver. I’m not surprised at the circus that is our Whitehouse because I never bought the premise going into this Presidency. Bill Clinton was known and respected for his handling of smoke and mirrors. Unfortunately for Barack Obama he is only good with the mirrors. While I am not surprised at the doings in Washington, you that supported Obama should be furious. In only weeks your dream bubble has burst. And if you think it hasn’t you are in denial. Ineptitude is breaking out all over. Just voting present is not enough.

  2. Is Las Vegas now a bedroom community for LA? I am angry, but with the congress. I never imagined the executive branch could control the legislative, but I did expect that the latter would make some effort to play nice for several weeks.

    You may be right about the Whitehouse, but it is a little early in the game for complete condemnation.

    With some notable exceptions, like the student in Ft Meyers (and even that said something about the intersection of southern style evangelism and the tightly wound), I don’t hear Obama supporters using the kind of grand hyperbole about him that his opponents attribute to us. I’ve never heard a supporter call him The One.

    Many of us are hopeful, not enraptured.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    My condemnation is for what has occured to date. It is also based on what expectations were prior to the inauguration, whether real or perceived. Yes, I’m biased but I believe a neutral evaluation would have to conclude things are not going well in the Whitehouse. For a moment let’s leave the politics out of it. The everyday operation and meshing of people and ideas in an enviroment such as the Whitehouse requires leadership and decisiveness, abilities Obama has never shown before. Being able to make a great speech and looking good are admirable traits but mean nothing as to, for instance, choosing a cabinet level appointee and not telling him up front we are going to substantially change the duties of that position. Multiply this hundreds of times and you can get a picture of what’s required. An example of Obama diverting from this to be in a more comfortable setting was his unscheduled visit to a D.C. school. I would suggest he needed a photo-opt publicity fix to get away from the everyday decision making that he must do. The follow up visits to Elkhart and Ft Myers are an extension of this and allowed him to do what he does best-campaign. Any organization needs to establish a set of principles and operational guidelines before addressing it’s mission and goals. It appears to me the Obama administration has tried to do this in reverse. It won’t work that way. The rules, principles, and guidelines must drive the politics and not the other way around. It is a formula for what we have seen to date in the Whitehouse and in the handling of this Stimulus Bill. Call it what you will but hope, change, and transparency are not descriptions that come to my mind. But again, I’m not disappointed because I never expected any of it.

  4. Obama has not done anything to dissuade those who are anxious to touch the hem of his garment, that’s for sure. He’s rather fond of the image, I think. Look at that revival he had in Florida!

    Bet it costs him.

  5. You make a good case, Randy. Fair enough.