Tomorrow’s primary day – VOTE!

Check your ballot here.

If you live in Elmbrook’s school district, yours will look a lot like mine:

2/17/2009 – 2009 SPRING PRIMARY

Sample Ballot Elmbrook-68206
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
TODD PRICE (Non-Partisan)
VAN MOBLEY (Non-Partisan)
LOWELL E. HOLTZ (Non-Partisan)
TONY EVERS (Non-Partisan)

School Board Member At Large Seat
WARTMAN, MEG T (Non-Partisan) (Incumbent)
LEMCKE, KATIE (Non-Partisan)

School Board Member Area IV Seat
WIGHTMAN, BARRY M (Non-Partisan)
MOORE, DONALD J (Non-Partisan)
LAMBERT, JEAN (Non-Partisan)

I’ll be voting for Rose Fernandez like most conservatives in SE Wisconsin. I hope it’s enough to put her into the final election.

For the school board races, be sure to cast a vote in each. If it’s on the ballot, you can vote for it!

I suspect Lemcke and Wightman will be eliminated tomorrow, but time will tell. I’ll be ignoring the at-large seat for now, but I know a couple of people I respect are choosing to vote for Charles Wickens. They argue Meg Wartman has done nothing but increase spending since she started.

Jean Lambert is my pick for the Area IV vacancy.


  1. Charles Wickens seems sharp. However, he has 20 plus positions on his web page and most are about money and technology (more money). Of course none are mutually exclusive, but I would hope for a little more interest and knowledge about education in Elmbrook.

    As for Katie Lemke, there is a vocal 4-k contingent out there. That might be enough to carry her. Even Wickens is willing to have the 4-k discussion.

    I know many people are angry with Wartman over the referendum but she knows the education issues and she knows there is no educational value to 4-k in this community.

    Jean Lambert is a stand-out. She is aware of the learning issues and the financial issues. No contest.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    You get to vote on the State Superintendent of Schools? How long do they serve? Here it is a position appointed by the Governor.

  3. 4 years Randy.

    The DPI race is the only one I get to vote for. I feel deprived. Maybe April will be better.

  4. Tinkerbell says:

    Kathryn, Thank you. After reading your comments I re-visited his website. Something there caught my eye.
    “#9 – Revenue Generation: I will support all initiatives that allow continued investment in Student Learning that result in increases of Advanced and Proficient students. The initiatives that I will support will not place additional tax burden to our community. Programs such as Open Enrollment, 4K, Chapter 220 are currently under review and my position will be determined at a future date. ”

    Going by his stated criteria of enhancing student learning and not increasing property taxes, I would think that Open Enrollment would shrink / disappear to match it’s original intent of providing continuity to students whose families move out of district, Chapter 220 would shrink / disappear, and 4K would be a goner as well.

    Some possible revenue generators which WOULD increase student test score performance are:
    Offering / increasing virtual learning opportunities (possibly creating competition for our neighboring Waukesha school district’s IQ Academy),
    Offering / increasing summer school classes.

    At the same we’d want to ensure policies do not block educational opportunities for naturally gifted students, essentially dumbing them down.

  5. If the state standards are one’s idea of high achievement, nothing is going to be happening for those gifted students. Our average kids are already proficient or advanced. That goal will address only 3 to 5 percent of our students. To be clear, our state standards are very good, but they leave our GT students waiting for something to learn. Also, to be clear, we absolutely need to bring those 3 to 5 percent up to the mark, but it is not a goal that addresses most of our kids. Elmbrook is all over the state standards, but still not up to consistantly challenging the 20 to 30 percent of our students who we know to be gifted.

  6. Tinkerbell says:

    Point well taken.

    While Elmbrook may be all over State Standards, and while Wisconsin students may perform much better than other states (Arizona comes to mind), the United States lags behind other benchmark countries. In terms of our student’s educations, we need to be thinking globally. They will compete in a global market.

    It seems so much can be done with so little money, that it is a shame to let opportunities for these kids slip through our hands.

    Perhaps our choices in voting for the new State Superintendent of Schools today, may help?

  7. Do you have a favorite in the state race, Tink? I am less informed there, but none of them stand out in my mind. Grass roots is cool, but she doesn’t seem to have a lot of depth. I used to admire Margaret Farrow, but the fellow she is backing doesn’t particularly impress me: union busting is so 80’s. Some of the others seem to be about the status quo. It all leaves me thinking, “so what?”

  8. Everyone I’ve heard from seems to favor Rose Fernandez, for different reasons, all of which seemed solid. So that’s where I cast (or tossed) my vote. Maybe google her name and see what you find?