As predicted, Lemcke and Wightman don’t fare well in Brookfield

Results from the City of Brookfield:

Elmbrook School Board Member, At Large Seat
Candidate Name Votes
Charles D. Wickens 609
Meg Wartman 1312
Katie Lemcke 423

Elmbrook School Board Member, Area IV Seat
Candidate Name Votes
Barry M. Wightman 400
Donald J. Moore 632
Jean Lambert 1163

I haven’t found results from Elm Grove yet.

(UPDATE – Wednesday morning – JSOnline shows 93% reporting with the same results.)


  1. Cindy, has your foray in to national politics been so dashed by the stimulus bill that you are back to covering local stuff or what?

    Did you watch the signing today?

    How about the guy that introduced the President… he was wearing a sweater… hahaha.

    His company was called Namaste… is that a LOST reference?

  2. So, basically, Wartman’s back in. Ugh.

  3. Lorax, it was a primary. She’ll probably be back, but there’s one more election.

  4. Dan – Yes, I watched it. Yes the stimulus has set me back a bit. Sweater dude was funny! Especially since he wouldn’t shut up. Isn’t Namaste a Sanskrit greeting? Since when is Sanskrit solar? I was not impressed, but then it takes a lot these days to make me think anything BO’s touching is worthwhile.

  5. Tinkerbell says:

    I’m sorry to be so shallow, but my little fairy-sized brain has a message for BW: the 1970’s called and they want their hairstyle back!

    Perhaps KL’s vocal 4K supporters were too busy with their preschoolers to vote?

  6. Nah. There were three candidates and now there are two. There’s no reason to go there.

    I am amazed by the conservative support for Wartman, though. The woman never met a tax dollar she didn’t want to spend. (And keep this in mind: she voted to implement 4K before she voted to drop it.)

    Has anyone besides me noticed that the controversial decision to a/c Pilgrim Park has conveniently been postponed until after the election?

  7. LOST references just about anything of a philosophical or spiritual origin. I keep hoping it will tie together at some point, but I don’t believe it will. They are just making it up as they go along.

    Namaste is a greating of respect and good will, sort of like shalom or salam with an ‘at your service’ component. If you keep your eyes open, you will find it is not an unusual name for a business. We have a Namaste Plaza here in town.

  8. Thanks Kath, I was about to say the same thing.

  9. Listen Tinkerbell, it’s not ironic that you call yourself that because your comments represent the intellectual capacity that Peter Pan’s sidekick would have. Surprise surprise. It’s noble work you’re doing here at

    Go home to your bald headed husband.

  10. Tinkerbell says:

    Dear Graham,

    ew-ouch, that was quite a kick in the ol’ wings. Good thing I apologized in advance for my shallow sense of humor, or who knows how much effort you may have invested in scolding me!

    Since you mentioned baldness, as if to even things up, here’s a joke that celebrates baldness. It’s another one I’ve heard and will dare to pass along (just as the one about the 1970’s was not original, this is not either): “God made two kinds of men. The ugly ones he covered with hair.”

    Now, to be fair (pun intended) do we want a blonde joke? “The window salesman called to tell the blonde that her windows had been installed 12 months ago and she has failed to make her payments. The blonde replied, ‘Sir, in your salespitch you said the windows would pay for themselves in a year. It’s been a year, so if you were correct, they have just paid you!’.

    Have a great day.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    Since solar power was brought up on this topic I thought I would share this tidbit of info. For his roughly 3000 mile round trip to Denver on AF-1, Obama will use the same amount of energy that it will take four years for the solar panels on the roof of the Denver Museum to produce.
    Style over Substance–Get used to it.

  12. @Randy, nice seque!

    Based on factiods provided in the “Sunshine On My Shoulders” posting and here, we find an amazing class distinction. They simply do not walk the talk.

    I don’t know that I will get used to it. That is, it may always go against my grain. I do believe it is important to acknowledge what is going on and help others be aware of the great discrepancies in what is said to be one’s ideology and what one actually does.

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

    What I should have said was get used to them being this way.

  14. Randy
    What I should have said is you are always right!