Goodbye, dear ghosts.

Last spring you might remember I had trouble with the cable signal ghosting. A reader suggested I check the outside connection. I did, and it improved considerably, but I was starting to have trouble again.

Well, last week we jumped into Time Warner’s telephone service. The technician who did the install marveled at the number of connections we had without an amplifier. Gosh, he thought aloud, we should probably have one, but he didn’t have the part on the truck.

Today another technician came and installed the amplifier. I had no idea cable was supposed to look like that! All of the channels are more crisp, the ghosting on channels that had a local air signal is gone completely, and I can actually see the second C-SPAN channel without fuzz and lines.

Just thought I’d let you know in case you’re having the same problem.

I tend to be the type of person that if it’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it. That cost me some money when it comes to phone and cable service. AT&T didn’t even offer the package I was using anymore. Something better was going to cost me less.

Time Warner finally succumbed to my idea of a deal, so we went that way instead. I was able to cut phone and cable/broadband into half the overall cost with no contract. What finally did it? Talking to a customer service SUPERVISOR and complaining just a bit about getting a different price every time I spoke to a new salesperson. 🙂


  1. I think they buried three cables in my lawn before the smart guy installed an amplifier.

  2. Do you have to have a tech install the amplifier, or is it something that could have been picked up at the TW store and installed without help? We had so many troubles with the ghosting, but it was because the line was spliced three times underground and outside. Best part about it was the TW tech came out and complained there was no need for any splice, and ran a new line from the pole into the house. When the guy came to bury the cable two days later, he had to splice it at the bottom of the pole into the house because the first yahoo didn’t use underground cable when he ran it.

  3. I could have purchased the amplifier from Amazon or Radio Shack and installed it myself. They run between $40 and $100, and you have to pick the right one for internet and cable, cable alone, etc. Don’t know about the TW store.

    I circumvented all of that by calling and saying tech 1 suggested an amplifier. It was done without charge within 24 hours.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Depending on the stations in your area, Monday was the original D-TV day. Here we had a couple make the switch and several did not. I have had the same ghost problems as you and I expect once everything’s digital the ghosting should disappear. Sounds like I might try one of those amplifiers.

  5. You get what you pay for – generally speaking. I have expensive televisions – high end, LCD televisions. I paid a lot of money for them. I place a high value on wanting to see all that home video has to offer in terms of broadcast, blueray, etc. I have internet service that is excellent 24/7, period. I have no dips in speed like there is on cable. I have no phone issues. It’s one of the few bills I pay each month where I feel I really received the value promised for what I received.

    So I continued to marvel (no offense), at the many, many people who proudly boast that they called Time Warner and knocked the price down. And those who finally after many visits and persistent nagging got the service they were supposed to get the first time around.

    There is something wrong with a company that has to offer multi tier pricing – only available through a supervisor – to offset or compensate for varying levels of performance or customer service.

    It’s kinda like going to a restaurant. You okay with some of your party getting served and some not? Some of the entrees prepared correctly and some not? We complained so we got a free desert! Everyone is full, right? Who cares?

    Or how about a bottle of wine. Why bother to select a nice bottle of $8 wine, if a 3 dollar bottle of swill will do? You can get buzzed off of both right?

    My commentary is not about you and your success in your continuing battle to get the service level from TW that you are happy with – rather my commentary is about TW.

    They simply don’t get it. Think about it. How many people did you have to talk to? Why did you even have to move to a supervisor for pricing?

    So, I guess I eat cheaply at McDonalds and be full – or I can enjoy a better meal, in more pleasant surroundings with healthier food at a Panera Bread for about the same or a little more.

    You get what you pay for. And with regard to the tv/internet/phone, ATT Uverse is superior. You’d marvel at the difference. You’ll marvel at the level of customer service. And you’ll marvel at the services offered – because you get internet access to your DVR to program for example.

    I dunno … I could go on and on .. why drive a BMW when a Chevy will get you there too?

    I suppose it’s a persons level of tolerance for this or that.

    So tell you what – move to ATT Uverse and if you’re not happy with the service – what you get – I’ll buy you dinner at a place of your choice.

    All this bullshit about IP this and that .. can’t get your internet to work for your blog … cable ghosts.. geesus… get rid of TW and you’ll be so much more happy. Honest. I and my neighbors laugh about it all the time. People that have TW that come to my house marvel at the tv signal I get.

    ATT Uverse is a fiber optic signal system at various points in their network. They use battery backups in their system for power outages (phones too).

    Oh and their bills are easy to understand. They don’t charge you for a remote handset! (rofl).

    Okay I’m done.

  6. Wilson828, you do have an affection for AT&T. I did check with them before my final move, but it was going to cost me 60% a month more to get the same internet speed and channel package and telephone on AT&T than it did on cable.

    Like TW, AT&T does still charge for each TV you want on a digital channel box. I can’t stand the extra equipment, so I don’t even have digital cable. (Besides, who needs 200 channels with nothing on?) The only thing I think I’m missing is the Fox Business channel, but I’ll live.

    I’ll check it all out again in a year or so. Right now this little housewife is satisfied.

    (The IP turned out to be the Web site hosting company!)

  7. okay … (you blew up my whole litany reminding me that there’s nothing to watch anyway on 200 channels. I don’t have 200 channels. I have 300 channels with the same issue – nothing to watch – okay … so much for this early morning rant)

  8. 🙂