Dude nails it. Rick Santelli proposes a tea party.


  1. Excellent idea especially since a lot our “public servants” and “represensatives” don’t seem to be listening. I like the idea of a tea party in Chicago, no less, BHO’s adopted hometown. I’ve also read that on July 4th that flying the flag in distress (upside down) would be a peaceful protest of the socialist state of affairs.

  2. Tinkerbell says:

    Famous Tea Party quote: “Taxation without representation is tyranny!” The future generations have just been taxed to the max without representation. Our generation may go down in history as the greediest of all time.

  3. This guy is FAN-tastic! I may have to go to Chicago for the tea party. What bothers me, though is the people in-studio treated him like some kind of nut-job. He’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. I’m an admitted CNBC junkie. Rick clashes with some of the more liberal talent from time to time. Jim Cramer’s just ticked that someone else is getting the attention.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    A couple of weeks ago a letter from Wisconsin Senator Kohl to a constituent was posted on this site. One of the reasons the Senator gave to support his vote for the Stimulus Bill was that a working family in Wisconsin would see about $900 a year in tax cuts. Now that some of the details in the Bill are surfacing, if you are a not-working individual on unemployment you will receive an additional $25 per week, or $1300 a year. If two family members are on unemployment the increase under the Stimulus Bill will be $2600 per year. In other words the Obama plan pays more if you don’t work, quite a bit more.


  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Over the past few weeks while the stock market has been tanking since the Stimulus Bill passage and now the Mortgage Plan too, the Obama administration has been insisting Wall Street’s performance has nothing to do with their efforts to revive the economy. Robert Gibbs proclaims each day the seperation of Wall Street and Main Street. When the market rebounds, as it always does, let’s see if they maintain this synopsis or change tack and claim the upswing a result of their efforts.