When the going gets tough…

the tough start cleaning.

Nothing beats apathy like a well-polished floor or a better organized basement. I’m planning to do both today.

A comment a couple of days ago nailed it. I’m apathetic. In perfect form, I don’t see any chance of an improvement in my attitude anytime soon.

You are welcome to talk amongst yourselves here. I have a date with a vacuum cleaner.


  1. How was the book club dinner?

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    On an earlier post I called Nadia Suleman, the eight is enough mother, a great candidate for Democratic poster child. Recently discovered information helps her case. Her parent’s home, where she lives, is in danger of foreclosure for approximately $23,000. No payments have been made since May. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    She needs to find out where the President will be holding a rally and come on down.


  3. Taxpayers will be on the hook for millions.

  4. Tinkerbell says:

    I understood she was receiving quite a bit of government money for years. When people receive money, isn’t a caseworker assigned? How was the money spent? Perhaps it coulda/shoulda/woulda been used to make house payments?

    I believe her friend the sperm donor, the doctor, and she should all be brought up on charges.

    There are so many people trying to adopt, perhaps her kids would be better off with some of these families? Although their medical care to date may have been charged to the taxpayers, perhaps we can cut losses and also give the children a better life by considering adoption.

  5. Conrad Dobler says:

    The children could be adopted by other families. It isn’t simple.

    The Mother would have to give up her parental rights, be found unfit or incompetent, the government can remove the children for the children’s well being and place them in foster care and fight it in court, etc.

    California has the most reliable laws to sever a parental right to a child. That is if she would be willing to give the children up. 10 years ago, the California adoption costs were about $40,000 per child.

    The laws favor the birthparent and blood relatives.

    I find it interesting the chat is pointing to taxpayers and democrats. Shouldn’t the concern be about the children?

    Boy, if Roe vs Wade was overturned, it would cost $1,000 per person in the U.S. to support these children per year until they are 18. Within 18 years, that’s $18,000 per person per year in the U.S.

    Maybe Elmbrook Church could help her out using the rental income from it’s sanctuary? Maybe she could live there between events?

  6. Tinkerbell says:

    @Conrad, How’re ya doing, “dirt”?! Retired toublemaker extraordinaire, hit-’em-in-the-throat-where-there-are-no-pads, “They Call Me Dirt” author and Cardinals lineman! How are Joy & Holli?

    I think general concern IS for the children. As you know, it takes money to raise them. It also takes a measure of parental self-sacrifice and self-discipline. I think people see these characteristics missing from the unmarried mom of six who sought out fertility treatments. Some may see her level of inattention to financial matters as well as to her 14 children as making her an unfit parent, neglectful, and incompetent. Some may say it is the welfare mentality at work, in which more children = a raise in income. When that income is provided by taxpayer money, taxpayers will express views on whether or not they agree with how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. Some may grouse, some may suggest solutions.

    You mention Roe v. Wade and a public cost to raise children… sounding as though no one was waiting to adopt. Perhaps if Roe v. Wade was overturned, many families would be overjoyed to adopt the children who are now being lost.

    I do not see why a church in our State would be called on to sponsor the octuplet mom in California? Your last sentence reveals you may be expressing some frustration or belittlement toward that church or churches in general. I don’t think people live in churches between church services. Or office buildings on weekends. Or libraries or schools or shopping malls overnight.

    If you think the octuplet mom is a good parent and made solid decisions you may of course welcome her into your home.

    Curiously, your words do not reflect the change of heart attributed to CD, deeply appreciative of all Mickleson did for the family, especially daughter Holli after wife Joy’s accident. Perhaps you need to write another book… or have a Miller Lite… or film another Miller Lite commercial?

    Perhaps you’re a different “dirt” and troublemaker extraordinaire engaging in a little identify fraud mischief … and the real CD would not be pleased with you expressing these views under his name?

  7. Randy in Richmond says:
  8. Conrad Dobler says:

    And what does Peter Pan think?