Thou shalt not talk against The One

Or his policies.

From the Washington Post:

Apparently someone in the White House was. In response, Gibbs attacked Santelli by name repeatedly, accusing him of not having read the president’s housing plan and mocking the former derivatives trader as not being an effective spokesman for the little guy.

“I’m not entirely sure where Mr. Santelli lives or in what house he lives,” Gibbs told reporters, his voice dripping with derision. “Mr. Santelli has argued — I think quite wrongly — that this plan won’t help everyone. This plan will help, by the money that’s invested in Freddie and Fannie, will drive down mortgage rates for millions of Americans.”

Later, Gibbs added: “Now, every day when I come out here, I spend a little time reading, studying on the issues, asking people who are smarter than I am questions about those issues. I would encourage him to read the president’s plan and understand that it will help millions of people, many of whom he knows. I’d be more than happy to have him come here and read it. I’d be happy to buy him a cup of coffee, decaf.”

For the record, this afternoon Santelli explained he prefers tea.

Condescending poophead. (I wanted to use something stronger!) Gibbs has such a short life on his current dais. Reminds me a lot of our own Elmbrook mouthpiece that bit the dust.

I’ve heard details about the housing policy that don’t sway me from Santelli’s call. President Barack Obama continues to create winners and losers with his new plans. America used to be a place where hard work was required for anyone to achieve. Now all you have to do is be on The One’s special list.


  1. On Sykes this morning, it was pointed out that in 2008, while Bush was still POTUS, Santelli was calling for more money into TARP, the auto makers, etc, etc, etc.

    Kind of makes one wonder who gives a hoot what Santelli says.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Apparently you do.

  3. Capper, you’re quoting Sykes? Dang!

    I watch this guy every day, all day long. If you showed me a clip of him saying those things, I might believe you. As it stands, you sure sound full of spite.

  4. Gibbs is just about the most disgusting press secretary that I can ever remember seeing. He is an ultra-liberal defender of the Dems and Obama, and is a wiseguy on top of it!

  5. Santelli is right that I don’t want to bailout people who “have an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills”.

    But I also don’t want to bailout shareholders that weren’t minding the store or lenders that made loans that had no reasonable chance of being paid back. This is exactly what the TARP & ‘Bad ‘Bank’ are and Santelli should be shouting these down as well.

    We shouldn’t subsidize bad behavior in any of its forms.

  6. If only it were that easy.