Christine Frank to retire from Brookfield East

Christine Frank, a much loved physics teacher from Brookfield East, has submitted her request for retirement at the end of this year. The board will vote to accept tomorrow night.

The oldest took Ms. Frank’s physics course and has repeatedly declared her one of the best teachers he ever had. Particularly impressive to him was her success in the private sector before teaching. (A patent for a car part if I remember correctly. Someone fill in the blank!) The youngest was terrified of physics next year and I argued at least with Frank she would learn something. I lost that battle, and she’s enrolled in anatomy. Now that Ms. Frank is leaving, I’m thinking that worked out ok.

My exercise buddy and I were discussing East teachers during the car ride a couple of weeks ago. (No subject goes unturned in that drive.) Her youngest also enjoys Ms. Frank and declares her “freaking amazing.” In teen speak that’s high praise.

An East parking lot was my only encounter with her outside of conferences. I knew how much she was adored. When we parked side by side, I cracked a joke about her license plate. It’s a few letters strung together to say “physics.” (Darn if I remember it now! Fyzix?)

“I guess science teachers don’t always spell well,” I quipped.

Yep. It landed that hard with her, too.

Brookfield East has some of the most amazing educators in the state. It’s sad to see one go, but I wish her health and happiness and all the fun retirement can bring.


  1. I am a product of the Frank Physics class – now I teach Physics for Kaplan Test Prep! Sad to see her go as well.

  2. She’s great–I never had her but everyone knows she’s a giant. She will be missed.

  3. That was me incognito. Tired to change my name but it didn’t work.

    Cindy, you should do a compare and contrast of Frank, Bustle, Coffey and Strebel, Billelo, Rahmlow. That would bust your jaw, believe me.

  4. I’m only familiar with the first 3 and really only know Bustle and Coffey. (Though I’m quite certain they are both bright enough to deny that.)

  5. The other three are, well, eons away from the three you know.