Who wants into the Elmbrook School District?

About 65 families according to the attachment petition filed. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a blurb in this morning’s paper.

The lots from The Shire have tried previously to move into the Elmbrook boundaries. This won’t work either. In fact, the paper writes:

Although Waukesha is going through with the hearing, Gray said he’s been informed by the state Department of Public Instruction that the petitions are defective because the residents didn’t present his district with the entire value of the geographic area that they want detached.

“They only had 64 or 65 petitions out of 116 homes in the area,” Gray said. “They gave us the individual value of each of their homes, but when you’re asking for a whole area to be detached, you have to present the value of the whole area.”

A little over half the property owners in the area can drive a decision like this? Wowser.

Right now all it means for Elmbrook taxpayers is extra rhetoric as we witness yet another painfully long-winded board meeting tomorrow night. Thank goodness we don’t pay the school board by the hour.


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