Fat Tuesday

Last year it was also Super Tuesday if I remember correctly. The beginning of the end, so to speak.

Lent’s coming, and as usual, I’m unprepared. I’ve had good Lents and bad Lents in the last ten years or so. I’m kind of in the mood to get one right again. I usually don’t give up anything. Instead I usually make a commitment to do something more – set a new habit that’s good for me, volunteer regularly somewhere that’s out of my comfort zone, I’ve tried it all.

This year I’m giving up blogging.

Before three of you panic, I think it’s more fair to say I’m giving up daily blogging. Instead I’ll plan to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays until after Easter.

It’s no surprise I remain blogging ambivalent. But still, there’s news that only gets out to our community because it starts here. With the lack of coverage from the traditional papers there’s a need for something to fill in the gap. Also, there’s a chance for feedback here, and that’s where some good ideas are started.

On the national front everything I come up with is out there already anyway. The blog remains more of a forum, and I’ll keep a post up each week so the two of you that like to go at it can continue.

In some respects blogging is a good thing. Unfortunately, it feels more like it’s becoming a bad habit. How much more could I be accomplishing if I weren’t busy here? How many more books could be read? Closets cleaned? Recipes discovered? You get the idea.

I am aware my decision could well end the blog. We’ll see. There are others that write occasionally and survive.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I respect your decision and wish you well with it. In my denomination we recognize Lent but don’t practice the ‘give it up’ aspect. I suspect six weeks of cutting back and not going cold turkey will lead to one of two conclusions–either you will quit with good riddance and write your book or some other endeaver, or you will dive back into blogging with renewed vigor and energy. Either choice can be a positive force as you continue your life journey.
    I know in nature there are animals which can lose a limb or tail and survive quite nicely. But I know of no being that can make it when the head is lost or missing in action.

    The ‘how much more I could accomplish’ standard is a phenomena I believe to be part of the female psyche that for the most part missed us males. It’s related to that ‘men can only do one thing at a time’ and ‘women are designed to multi-task’ line of thought. In reality a blog like yours takes the pot bellied stove, the office water cooler, and the corner-drug soda counter to untold desktops in homes across the nation. Sometimes what we accomplish cannot be eaten, cleaned, read, hung on the wall, or even seen but produces unknown ripples throughout the lake of what is our lives.