A dream of real reform

The next budget is to be released in less than an hour. In spite of all the rhetoric our new president continues to spew, expect pork – lots and lots of pork. But like his stimulus bill, he’ll claim it’s not pork because he put it in initially as a favor to his best supporters. It won’t have to come through Congress. That way BO gets to label his pork important spending.

A girlfriend and I decided in our morning chat that real reform needs to come through campaign finance reform. If America would start handing viable candidates for the House or Senate a set chunk of funding and eliminate the candidate’s ability to snarf at the donor trough, we’d also eliminate the candidate’s obligation for payback, or pork, down the road. Though they’d be campaigning on public funds, I think it would save taxpayers a lot of money.

Look how much it cost taxpayers to pay off Obama’s supporters after his win. Sure he called it a stimulus bill, but we all know it was a host of social spending to renew the liberal agenda. What else would you call a bill that demolishes a decade of welfare reform in favor of new handouts to form extended dependencies? There was also a ton of payback to union workers in the form of “shovel ready” projects. Anyone need to mention those guys are already employed?

What if Obama hadn’t been able to raise money $5 at a time from people like his illegal immigrant Aunt Zietuni? I suspect this revolution would not have taken place, and taxpayers wouldn’t be on the hook for the most blatant redistribution of wealth since the Great Depression. (See? I can use grand claims, too!)

Republicans would do well to put campaign finance reform at the top of the mid-term election agenda. a simple explanation of the way contributions are eventually allowed to pick taxpayers wallets should suffice. Republicans will have to believe it though, and they’ll be required to lead by example.

Right, like there’s a chance of that happening anytime soon.


  1. I suppose there’s the possibility of nominating people with actual morals and ethics, too…


  2. When did you turn into an optimist?

  3. That’s not “optimism.”

    That’s a heroin-induced comment.

    I went back on the stuff when O was elected. Easier to take it that way.

  4. Sorry Dad29. For some reason your drug use triggered your comment as spam.