New Obama poster


  1. LMAO

    And…..swiped! Heh.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    A story.
    Dan and Rob are partners who run a business for years and like most businesses it has it’s ups and downs. They set the company up so that the controlling interest went back and forth but each gave the other the opportunity to give his opinion or vote on decisions as they were made. They also sold shares and took on shareholders. Things went pretty good for years with good growth and prosperity but suddenly things got tough and they were losing money. Well, it was Dan’s turn to have controlling interest and all of a sudden, in the annual state of the business speech to shareholders, he blamed Rob for all their bad fortune saying he, Dan, had inherited all the bad fortune from Rob. Dan failed to mention his faction had voted for, supported, and even introduced many of the very policies that led to the mess the company was in, but hey, he was telling many of the stockholders what they wanted to hear. How things will end for the company really depend on how long the stockholders buy into Dan’s story. Time will tell.

  3. Democrat Dan and Republican Rob! Very clever. In an impish moment I might shorten that to “Demo Dan” and give it a whole new layer of meaning.

  4. Seriously? This is what it has boiled down to?

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    At the golf course today I heard an interesting rumor but cannot confirm. The only reason I give it any credence is it was an accountant that brought it up. He says the $9-11 less in taxes per week withheld as a result of the Stimulus is a tax credit and that the tax tables used to compute taxes have not and will not be changed. This is no different then changing your W-4 form, which is not a tax cut and is just a delay in paying or a cut in next year’s refund. Does anyone know if this is true or what the truth really is?

  6. I believe that’s the way I’ve heard it, too. Most people have too much withheld anyway. That means they’ll be receiving a smaller return in the end. Still, it bears checking out.

    Keep in mind we’re talking about that fair set of people that pay taxes.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Kathleen Sebelius has been nominated by President Obama to be US Health Secretary. We already have a tax cheat as Secretary of the Treasury and head of the IRS, and a tax cheat pardoner as Attorney General, so it is altogether fitting to have a devoted abortionist in charge of our health care system. Her good friend, George R. Tiller, a late term abortionist, is currently facing 19 criminal counts for committing illegal late term abortions. She currently opposes informed consent legislation that would offer women the choice of viewing an ultra-sound image of their pre-born baby. She says she is a practicing Catholic except she has to go out of state to do so as Joseph Naumann, Archbishop of Kansas, has told her to refrain from taking Holy Communion. And remember when she blamed the Iraq War for her state not having the ability to respond to a tornado disaster.
    She will fit into Obama’s cabinet rather nicely.

  8. Tinkerbell says:

    Sounds like Sebelius is rebellious! She is a “practicing” Catholic? Sounds like she hasn’t gotten it right!

    The last Pope had all the fundamental teachings written down and explained the biblical basis for each. It is published in a book or people can look it up at the vatican online. It is interesting reading to compare areas of similarities and differences among faiths.

    There is a section devoted to the 10 Commandments. The fifth one is “Thou shall not kill”.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    The administration that wants to take over our medical system cannot vet it’s own prospective employees. I have lost count but you can add Ron Kirk, former mayor of Dallas, to the list of tax cheats Obama wants on board, this time as his Trade Representative. He owes approximately $10,000 in back taxes over several years.
    The White House shrugged off Kirk’s tax problems as a “few minor issues” and said the nomination remains on track.
    Apparently since the administration thinks it’s no big deal to raise taxes it’s also no big deal to pay them.,0,6438861.story

  10. Tinkerbell says:

    I wouldn’t yawn too numbly.

    We can see the double standard applied as individuals are chosen to join the elite ruling class. We can see the selective enforcement of rules: What might land a commoner in prison is overlooked in the chosen few as their careers are propelled forward. In this we see the devaluation of standards.

    Simultaneously we see the devaluation of our economy. We blog about these disparities because we see the impact or potential impact on our individual lives. We commiserate and brainstorm for ways to make a difference. We care.

    But we have grown numb to the devaluation of human life. We turn the other way, sure it is none of our business and beyond the reach of our helping hand when it is the pre-born. But the devaluation of human life will not stop with the pre-born. Schoolchildren are given scenarios of accidents and brief descriptions of people, then asked who they would save based on the common good and the descriptions provided. This pricks the conscience of some, but others are already numb. How long will it be until centralized healthcare is making such decisions based upon one’s productive capacity? Is our “value” equivalent to a number of widgets produced? What about contribution to quality of life, encouraging others, personal growth, love, joy, empathy… those things which make us HUMAN?

    Perhaps in our lifetime we will see the same double-standard which is now applied in financial matters, applied more broadly: If you are a friend of the government, part of the elite ruling class, the best medical care will be yours. Commoners, not so much. Perhaps a Kevorkian shot to cure your asthma? Or your penchant for independent thinking?

    Please don’t be alert only to the outward changes occuring in our society, those regarding regarding the economy. Please also be alert to the inward changes, the numbness, the devaluation of human life.

    While we are encouraged to embrace diversity, the meaning of that word has changed over time, and now encompasses all manner of outward attributes as long as there is homogenius thought. Diversity of THOUGHT is not well tolerated, when those thoughts are conservative, although that diversity and the ensuing debates are what gave birth to our nation as the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE. Are we becoming the land of the PC and the home of the NUMB?

  11. I wish the press would include the teleprompters more in their photos. Everyone needs to see how much he’s using them!

    Great link, Dan.

  12. Wallace M says:

    At least Obama doesn’t need a teleprompter that not only tells him his speech, but also gives him the phonetic pronunciation of words he deems to difficult to say correctly, as Bush did. Good try?

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

    If you believe that’s why Obama uses a teleprompter I suspect you voted for him.

  14. Wallace M says:

    I think he uses a teleprompter to help him say his speeches…
    Please find me a president in recent times who has not used a teleprompter for his speeches.