The counter-revolution

BO wants us really miserable. His plan works better if we’re unhappy. I think that’s why he’s been preaching gloom and despair since he was elected. Heck, even former President Bill Clinton had to pat him on the back and tell Obama to lighten up. Just remember, BO knows more people will give him greater power if they think only HE can save us.

Starting tonight, I’m not playing his game anymore. You can be miserable if you’d like, but I’m done with that. My life is amazing. Here are a few details if you need help thinking the same.

92.4% of Wisconsinites wanting jobs have them. When you consider that with a 63% approval rating Obama is labeled “wildly popular,” I will choose to think of Wisconsin’s employment situation as wildly successful. America’s, too, for that matter.

I paid $2.09 a gallon for gas tonight. Gas in England is nearly $5 a gallon. (A little Oklahoma trivia: do you realize they are paying about $1.70 a gallon? Gotta love Wisconsin taxes! Sigh. And you can buy gasoline without ethanol there. But in Wisconsin we get those big transportation funds out of the deal that can be used for other neat stuff.)

To top it all off, it’s raining and not snowing outside. I won’t have to shovel the driveway!


  1. Plenty of snow up here in GB area, but we also got some rare thunder and lightning during the storm.

    So even with the snow, life is still amazing.

  2. Cindy, you’ve got to learn to do comparative shopping. I just gassed up on the way home for $1.79.

  3. Oh, and remind me how wonderful the rain is after it freezes over tonight.

  4. Want my wonderful story?

    Im alive.
    Im 24, living on my own, attending medical school, and engaged to be married.
    I’ve got a family that loves me.
    I work part time during school as a teacher to defray costs like gas, rent, and my wedding band payment.
    Its raining and snowing outside – so I know there is a God watching over every hair on my head.
    I live in the greatest country in the world.
    Tonight I was able to watch my favorite TV show in High Definition thanks to the internet….

    My life doesnt suck, despite what the president says.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Welcome to the glass is half- full club even though I suspect you have long been qualified for membership. Contrary to many people’s conception it has nothing to do with how much you have but what you do with what you have. Having people miserable is the Democratic and liberal policy to retain them as voters. Let them lick the spoon but don’t give them the opportunity to make the cake sums up the Demoratic idealogy that is in ‘full steam ahead’ mode with this administration. They are the party of the Misery Index Club and this President is earning his full fledged membership. You can tell capper is a member in good standing by his statement in # 3 above.

  6. J. Strupp says:

    “92.4% of Wisconsinites wanting jobs have them”

    Actually, it’s less than 90% if you count people who are working part time and are looking for full time work and also people who have given up looking for work entirely. Nationwide, this number is more like 85% and dropping like a stone.

    But hey, about three quarters of Americans had a job in the mid 1930’s so I guess things weren’t so bad in those days either.