Singing the blue-state blues

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Wisconsin’s state budget is a bit in the hole. We’re not alone. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 46 of 50 states are finding some sort of shortfall into 2010.

Look at how the misery lines up according to ideology. The left column indicates the Governor’s party affiliation. The right shows how that state voted in last November’s election. CBPP is the data source. Wikipedia (I heard you groan!) helped with the red state/blue state determinations. Click on the image below to open a pdf file on your computer.

Some things I noticed:

*For all the bellyaching from the auto industry, Michigan didn’t do too badly.

*Hawaii probably went blue last November because of a certain candidate. 🙂

*Arizona likely went red for the same reason. Also, the governor for most of the budget was Democrat Janet Napolitano who the President tapped for Homeland Security.

What else would move a state to such a deficit? Highly populated urban centers with lots of poor might be one thing. The housing slump hit some states harder than others, and that looks like it might count, too. But Alabama and South Carolina? If anyone knows the stories there, do tell.

Those blue states could be in for harder times to come. Read this prediction from a Forbes blogger.