Stimulating the economy

Hey, I’m doing my part. I’ve just returned from Flanner’s where I put in an order that made the salesman proclaim it was his lucky day. Yesterday I bought a new fireplace insert for the basement from The Fireplace Ltd. It even has a remote thermostat! I also signed a contract with a painter to have the years of children’s use erased. (Including their growth lines on a wall. 🙁 )

The carpet cleaner hasn’t called me back after a week and two attempts.

What recession? I’m at least two weeks out on the electronics delivery because they are busy and a couple of components aren’t in stock. The fireplace guys are out to measure tomorrow, but that could be a while, too. And the carpet cleaner? Well, I may end up doing that myself if no one calls back.

Next is a call to Time Warner to feed cable through a difficult wall. Yes, I HAVE to have it there. I may get out the fishing tool and give it a try myself this weekend. The daughter of an electrician, I can fish wire.

Every March I swear it’s been the longest winter in Wisconsin history. I suppose this is all a worthy diversion. I should have it all in place about the time the daffodils bloom. You all up to anything?