The President promises he has a plan

And we’re supposed to trust him that it will work.

I don’t know about you, but this “trust me” thing is getting a little old. Should we be seeing a bit of a bounce from the stimulus package? Oh, that’s right, most of it was payback and not really stimulus. Obama’s moving so quickly one could easily wonder if he has another motive in mind.

(Revolution demands quick change. While you’re trying to get your head around what happened last week, a revolutionary leader will be selling you the next best thing. It keeps him in power if only he understands the rules to come, especially if he can change them at will.)

President Obama is starting to hint (via talking head Robert Gibbs) that the media might be talking down the economy. Mr. Gibbs threw an ugly bit of disrespect CNBC’s way at this afternoon’s conference.

The President’s budget was the topic for today’s conference call with Chief Deputy Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy. While the call was short, there were meaty details.

McCarthy explained that Barack Obama’s budget will cause ONE BILLION DOLLARS A DAY to be spent on INTEREST after 2012? He also reiterated that according to the CBO the deficit would be reduced by 3/4 in 2012 without Obama’s new budget. The budget he’s proposing slows down that deficit recovery so that it’s only reduced by 1/2 in the same time frame. (Looking for the link to confirm the 3/4 info.)

The call also discussed the concern for America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace given the plan to tax to extreme.

These calls have been promised every other week or so. I had a billion questions, but conference calls intimidate me. (Yes, I know, you thought nothing did!) Stuff I’d love to know?

-Is there a solid plan for Republican action instead of talk?
-What’s the chatter about the Senate’s Republicans holding together on a budget vote?

One thing that bothered me a bit: McCarthy talked a little about the White House defining Republicans as the party of “no.” He said Republicans were working hard to put forward proposals and prove they were not negative. My little bit of advice is to not succumb to the opponent defining the debate. Republicans did a great job redefining the stimulus to America. Time to do it again on this budget.

And tell three Republican Senators they had better decide it’s in their better interest to represent the Republican constituency that elected them.