Roundabout slated for Barker and North in Brookfield

An employee from One Source Consulting confirmed yesterday that “right now it’s a roundabout” design for the western Brookfield intersection. Two designs were originally submitted for public comment last August. It appears the traditional intersection is taking a back seat for now.

Like so many issues in our community, no doesn’t always mean no. Controversial changes often return a few years later. Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker campaigned against a roundabout in that location in the Spring of 2002. According to a March 2002 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Speaker said one way to keep Brookfield a good place to live would be to listen to the concerns of residents and business owners, he said.

He cites the roundabout issue as one example. A roundabout, a circular intersection, had been proposed at Barker Road and North Ave., but city officials have for now backed off the plan after hearing citizen complaints.

“It’s a good, innovative idea. I just don’t think that it would work at that particular intersection,” Speaker said.

Speaker killed the roundabout the May after his election. Of course the intersection is now controlled by Waukesha County. That board will make the final call.

Engineer Craig Donze, principal at One Source, would not initially confirm the design. He did say by e-mail:

The project is still scheduled to be constructed in 2010. A public information meeting should occur in the next two months

So – don’t tell anyone. You’re not supposed to know yet.

PS – the same article also has Speaker quoted with this gem:

Speaker said the city should work with the mall owners without dictating changes.

“The owners know best what color tile they should have, not the mayor of the city,” he said.

Funny stuff considering he later made Fresh Market change their paint color on the mall property. From the same paper in June 2007:

“They thought it should be colored more like Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse on the corner, a muted mustardy kind of color,” Speaker said.

Speaker praised Brookfield Square owners CBL & Associates Properties Inc. and the architect for the project, ka Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio.

They quickly agreed to change the color, he said. Plan commissioners approved the new color this week.


  1. Roundabouts have been a hot topic here in NE WI for most of the time I have lived here (since 2000) with the battle over roundabouts on GB’s Military avenue just concluded this week (roundabouts lost).

    I like them, but I seem to be in the minority.

    The Military ave. project though, was a study in diminishing marginal returns.

    If one roundabout is good, six roundabouts in one short stretch of road are not six times as good.

    In fact, they may have been six times as bad due to how stacked up they were.