Domestic bliss

I have really enjoyed getting a few things done around here. One of the tasks I wasn’t looking forward to was repairing the stove. You see, the electronic lighter quit about a week ago. I needed to crawl under the cabinet with a flashlight to determine the model number so I could figure out the part to order. Since I was able to light the stove with a butane light stick I keep for candles, I’d been putting the necessary gymanstics off.

Sometimes procrastination really does pay. You see, Friday when I went to plug in the toaster (tuna salad on toast), the darn thing wouldn’t work. A little light bulb went off in my dim head. If the electronic component on the stove and the outlet weren’t working, then something must have tripped. I hunted down the offending GFIC outlet and TaDa! Everything’s swell.

It’s a big relief. If I had to replace the stove, I was going to need to redo the kitchen counters. That means I would need a new sink and faucet. Probably time to replace the microwave, too, which, of course, would force the decision on whether or not it actually belonged over the stove and probably cause the purchase of a new vent hood and ovens. Heck, if I were doing all that, I might as well replace the refrigerator that’s been a little iffy over the last year.

Thanks goodness I’ve been spared.

Operation grown-up basement continues. Last weekend I sorted through four file drawers of son number two’s debate cases. Keep in mind, if it weren’t for the love of debate, this kid would not have bothered to stay in school at East. It was poignant running through stacks of cases he’d developed. He must have really liked it to put so much work into this preparation. There was even a plaque from a past tournament that had never made it to a place on a wall.

All of the paper is headed to recycling. Interestingly, the content is pretty much still being recycled in America’s news centers. Pro and con (actually Aff. and Neg.) arguments were articulated for everything from fresh water infestations to should we stay in the U.N. Any newsroom could take these four drawers, shuffle the contents, and propose a year’s worth of articles. Without doubt, we’ll be hearing it all again.

The above was a long drawn-out attempt at saying same poop, new day. We don’t have new problems, folks, we have the same old problems. I’m beginning to believe no one WANTS to solve them. I’m convinced a bureaucrat’s desire for job security is much more a driving force than the desire to attain a solution to most problems.

That’s ok. We’ll all work for the government soon and then we can share in the race to get nothing done.

Also on the list of basement to do’s is carpet cleaning. It’s not been professionally done in the 15 years we’ve lived here. Yes, the guy that’s coming by to do the work gave me about that same look when I told him. Still, the price was right. It’s a good time to be doing some of this work. Service professionals are actually returning phone calls!

Next on the list is unloading some extra furniture. I hate to actually take it out of the house since we have two near-adults about to set up space of their own soon. I guess I’d better carve out a spot or two in the unfinished area to store a few things.

By the way, I have several city documents that are free to a good home. They’re out with recycling tomorrow if no one shows interest today.

Seems I’m doing a little weeding out of my own. It feels pretty good to think I’ll never HAVE to crack the city’s master plan again. Heck. I’m pretty sure they don’t at City Hall, either, so I guess it’s no big deal.


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    “I’m convinced a bureaucrat’s desire for job security is much more a driving force than the desire to attain a solution to most problems. ”
    Truer Words Were Never Spoken.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    “Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair announced today that Ambassador Charles W. Freeman Jr. has requested that his selection to be Chairman of the National Intelligence Council not proceed. Director Blair accepted Ambassador Freeman’s decision with regret.” The Game Show that is the Obama administration continues with either ” Press Your Luck” or ” The Weakest Link” as the latest installment, take your pick.
    This nomination was akin to appointing Cindy Sheehan to be Secretary of Defense.