Brookfield’s pre-emptive strike against a sick leave mandate

I admit, I wasn’t a fan of the ordinances being floated in the suburbs as a reaction to the direct legislation that passed in Milwaukee. But I changed my mind today.

Why? I asked a few questions.

I am grateful that a few people in Brookfield’s City Hall will still take my phone call. I was assured the legislation being proposed by ordinance will effectively stand in the way of any future direct legislation attempt. Granted, that’s a different take than I understood a few years ago in my term on the council, but if that’s what the League of Municipalities is explaining, there must be something to it all.

While I agree a bit with Bill Carnell who was interviewed for the BNOW article – the legislation doesn’t exactly seem necessary – I’d sure hate to be on the underside of the vote that will take place in supporting the measure.

My real disappointment is the article failed to give 6th District Alderman Jerry Mellone credit for initiating the ordinance. Instead, the piece glorified the regular bloviate members. For shame!


  1. Everyday when the Stock Market went down when the big O was elected, you had an update.

    Why are there no updates when the market goes up almost 8%?

    I’m not even an Obama supporter, but I think we should be fair.

  2. Dear Dave. Evidently you are not a thorough reader. There’s an update on that very subject a couple of posts before.

    In addition, I’m only at this on Tuesday and Thursday during Lent. You will find that detail, too, in a previous post.

    Don’t get your undies in a bundle, dude.

  3. I might not have ready closely enough, but thats my point. Your headlines everyday after Obama won and even before took office highlighted the demise of the DOW.

    Where are the headlines now?

  4. Hey smiley. Like I said, I’m posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You got a headline on one of them because the Dow went up. I’m sorry if it’s so difficult for you that you can’t understand.

  5. Ah! I take it back, I did see it. Not being a Dem or a Rep, I like with BOTH sides are fair. My bad and thank you.