A bit o’ blarney from a certain Brookfield alderman

Tonight’s a Common Council meeting. Before that meeting the Legislative and Licensing committee takes up a couple of aldermanic referrals. One is to change council meeting nights from the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

The rational? Conflicts because Elmbrook School Board meetings sometimes fall on those nights, too. But here’s the kicker – Elmbrook’s meetings are originally scheduled for alternate Tuesdays. However, in the last few years they’ve gone in and changed the calendar to accommodate members who travel. When I’ve seen the calendar change for this group before, it’s primarily been Steve Schwei in need of new dates. Steve’s not there any more. (This month the Elmbrook calendar shows the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. There is no conflict with city council meetings.)

So that makes me wonder if Alderman Scott Berg has another reason for needing the dates changed. A little conflict of his own, maybe? I’m hearing that Berg’s request for change coincided with his new employment. Here’s what BrookfieldNOW wrote on the topic:

Berg last month also introduced a proposal to look at moving regular Common Council meetings from Tuesday nights. Berg said the meetings conflict with Elmbrook School Board and Brookfield Town Board meetings, meaning aldermen can’t attend those meetings if they wish.

Berg said the city could also look at changing the nights of committee meetings.

I’m sensing a head fake. Or a kiss of the blarney stone…

Also in that committee meeting is discussion on assigning aldermen two decent committees. This one’s from Alderman Dan Sutton. I’d bet it’s a response to the heavy handed “we won” assortment of committee assignments the council president hands out. Sutton has come very close to winning that leadership position in the last two tries. He’s been somewhat shut out of committee assignments because of the attempt.

Good idea? Depends on whether or not you are the one in power. I caution that close near-majority on adopting this rule. When the tide turns and Brookfield’s council is not longer blindly pro-development, the new leadership is going to need to be able to stack committees to get anything done.

It could happen in the next year. Garvens is rumored to be retiring. Berg may need to defer to the new job. It will be interesting to see what’s up come this time next year.

Finally, in the same committee, is another Berg request to offer term limits on committee membership. This is laughable coming from the man that used to argue the need for committee assignments in order to provide “continuity.” My favorite quote on this issue is from a local naysayer tagged Santa’s Elf:

“Anyone requiring prohibition to limit his time on a committee doesn’t need a law, he needs a life!”

But then, the Elf is known to be very clever.

Tonight is also the ordinance vote against any possible sick leave mandate. I expect it to pass.