On the road again…

Wait, that’s been used before. Anyway – I am. It’s a week in Charleston, South Carolina.

You know what that means – blogging’s hit or miss for a while. Use this as a discussion thread however you see fit. Although now that I’ve slowed down a bit for Lent, you all are slowing some, too. I’ve managed to decimate my daily hits. I guess anyone still hanging around is hard-core – or nuts. (But remember I use the term “nuts” with great care!)

Enjoy the beautiful day.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    Gosh .. no one has anything to say?

    Here … let’s stir the pot and get some conversation going …

    I say, some of the local GOP leadership is whining and RINO’s …. GOP is against govt spending cut backs… proposed by state democrat? Is this true? Or is it only okay for cut backs when it doesn’t affect them?


    I think it’s protecting empires and has nothing to do with public safety.