Democrats fight to point blame for AIG

It looks like they are eating their own. Maybe they’ll take each other out soon. Republicans, if you’ll remember, have forgotten to show up at all this year.

“Maybe we won’t have any politicians left in Washington soon,” I mention to Dad.

“Sound like a good idea to me,” he replies.


  1. In case this crowd missed it, former NY AG Eliot Spitzer had a few choice words to say about Geithner and the bailout. From a year ago WaPo, then Firedoglake and most recently in Slate. The Real Scandal at AIG

    Apparently the failed banks are getting and positioning to get, full face value of worthless paper they traded, with every payment to the insurance giant, as they are the recipients (counterparties) of claims made for the, “losses,” supposedly sustained. I said supposedly sustained because, falsely claiming that something which is worthless, has any value is ludicrous.