State Senator Ted Kanavas joins Doyle recall effort

It must be jump the shark day or something.

Ted Kavanas, the State Senator representing my district the 33rd, strapped on the skis and hopped into the Facebook boat to recall Jim Doyle.

I’ve not said anything about this goofy idea yet. It’s extraordinarily hard to gather the signatures for a local recall. It would be impossible to do so on a statewide campaign. Did anyone bother to read last November’s election returns in Wisconsin? We’re colored pretty blue right now. Chances are strong a Democrat will keep the job.

So I have to wonder what Kanavas is thinking, if he’s thinking at all.

Here’s the blurb:

One of those joining the Facebook group is state Sen. Ted Kanavas, R-Brookfield, who said he wants to send a message to Doyle that he needs to stop creating more debt.

“I think it’s a thing that is intended to get the attention of the governor so he hears the needs of what Wisconsin wants,” he said. “People don’t want to have more debt. We’re making too many promises to too many people, and we need to get Doyle’s attention.”

One would hope Senator Kanavas could simply write Governor Doyle a note on that spiffy stationary we all get to pay for in his Capitol office, which come to think of, we pay for as well.

By the way, a quick check of Facebook shows that Kanavas is still a member of the group “Time to Recall Jim Doyle” started by blogger Todd Lohenry. I’m sure they’d let you join, too, if you insist.

H/T: Wigderson Library and Pub


  1. Wilson828 says:

    I love this posting .. .I think little of Kanavas … he’s an interesting political cartoon….. good post…. lol

  2. One minor correction. Bill Sitter, college Republican from UW Oshkosh was the creator — I’m lending some social media expertise to the effort…

  3. Thanks for the clarification. You were listed as the lead officer, so I made an inaccurate assumption. Sorry about that!