Stunned, stunned! I tell you

What a joke.

Is it possible our President jumped the shark with his Leno appearance even before his first hundred days are over?

PS – be sure to catch his nasty bit about Special Olympics. I’m racist if I mention he’s black, but he’s cool if he bowls badly? How fast will the White House have to spin to undo this bit of nasty? Someone give that man a teleprompter.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    How’d we all get so ‘sensitive’ all of a sudden. Comon…

  2. I grew up working with the multiply handicapped and developmentally disabled. We all have our soft spots.

  3. But he has a Blackberry and like, he’s cool. Not lame like that Sarah Palin chick. And that ripped bod. So, he was just joking and because he’s cool, it’s OK. (gag)

  4. Wilson828 says:

    I listened and watched him on the Tonight Show. I thought he was highly personable. I may not always agree with his policies and so forth .. but I like him as a person … he’s a regular guy. If he were republican with republican policies he’d be pretty darn near perfect. Too bad we didn’t have a candidate last fall uh?

    Stock market is having fun this week uh? I bought some Ford stock .. it’s up … I’ve made about 27% so far on that stock .. maybe I should take the loot and run…. whatcha think?

    The first day of spring …. whoopie!!!! No more snow I betcha!!!!

    Going to Door County this weekend… how about you?

  5. Yes, watching the portfolio recover has been pleasant. It’s why you stay in. If this was the bottom, one sure doesn’t want to miss the first 40% of a recovery.

    I’m not scheduled to be in Door County until the first week of summer. Even in Charleston today it’s only about 60 degrees. Much better than Brookfield, but not the warmth I crave.

  6. That was a terrible gaffe. The fact that this sort of remark is commonplace is part of the sting. I’m going to accept his apology, though. He wasn’t trying to insult people; he just put his foot in his mouth. We all do it.

    My child, with her glow-in-the-dark Scooby Doo ball, took a gold medal at the state games last fall. I’m sure she would forgive him, too.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    In the spirit of the conversation…

  8. Still eating freedom fries out there? That was funny the first few times, too.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    If he wasn’t trying to insult anyone, why did he apologize? I think he just missed his teleprompter.

  10. Wilson828 says:

    We need to get over this… how self righteous we’ve become

  11. Wilson828, let me adjust my saddle on my high-horse for a minute…

    It’s not self-righteous to expect more from the President of the United States than any one of us can deliver. He campaigned on his intelligence and his unique ability to represent the under class. I can’t think of anyone more in need of protection than those who compete in Special Olympics.

    That the “joke” slid so easily through his lips gave the regular guy a glimpse into his everyday soul. His uncampaigned persona. His real thinking.

    Did you like what you saw there?

    It doesn’t mean I can’t forgive it. It does mean I’ll have my eyes wide open. I suspect we’ll be seeing more of who this man really is in the months to come.

  12. Randy in Richmond says:

    Get over what? Please be specific.

  13. Wilson828 says:

    expecting more from the president is a reasonable expectation … you’re right…. but i still don’t agree that it’s insightful into his character…. not even a glimpse … just don’t …. ya know .. as I was typing this I thought to myself … would I say that? No … why? because it would be offensive… hmm….. on second thought … yeah .. you’re right…. and i’ll leave this entire paragraph as witness that i changed my mind in mid thought. you’re right! i was too quick to forgive… but yeah, it was offensive and inappropriate for someone who should be setting a higher standard… which just so happens to be one of my complaints about clinton all these years.

  14. (You know, just to, like, feed my ego, could you say those two words again? 🙂 )

  15. Wallace M says:

    Wait, he made a mistake. I’m sure none of you have ever, EVER, made a statement that offended somebody. Sure he’s president, but that doesn’t mean he’s not human. Grow up. He made a mistake. He apologized. Get over it.

  16. J. Strupp says:

    This is a non-issue.

  17. Oh, J.S., I disagree. I think this is the beginning of something big. It seems small now, but the potential is enormous.

    I can only hope Obama underestimates the damage he’s done so that the significance will peak about the time he’s running for re-election.

  18. Wallace M says:

    Cindy, I really hope that your post was a joke. You really think that one accidental comment on a late night TV show (that he apologized for) will sabotage his entire campaign for re-election? Good one. This (non) issue is already fading away.

  19. No, it isn’t something big. It says more about the milieu than about the man. (Sort of the way certain expletives come to mind after watching a Sopranos marathon. Be careful little ear what you hear.)

    Tom Friedman included it in his column this morning, though–as a touchpoint for something bigger. What is the man doing on Leno while Rome burns? Why is the House of Representatives acting like a French Revolution mob? This is the point where I expect leaders to do better consistently.

  20. Nope, guys, I’m holding my ground here. It’s this little flaw in his personality – his flippant and yes, even arrogant behavior – that will be his Achilles heel. It’s not this particular incident, that I will agree, but this type of incident is one of what will be many that start as a small snowball and roll down a long snow covered mountain until it wipes him out down the road.

  21. The Lorax says:

    What a colossal feat of amateur punditry to boot.

    Flippant and arrogant? That’s a generic mud-sling. Try harder? If i were leveling pop psychology punditry, I’d say you’re jealous and therefore projecting your own self-anger. But I’m not a PPP.

    It’s also a pet peeve of mine, the misuse of the word arrogant. I have yet to read Freud for Idiots but I can’t seem to draw out that hard-hitting analysis from this joke.

  22. The Lorax says:

    By the way, i’ve been meaning to ask you how SoCar suits you?

    It is the state that started The Second American Revolution.

  23. With a little help from Google, define: arrogant –
    having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride; “an arrogant official”; “arrogant claims”; “chesty as a peacock”

    I’m content with the use of the this word. If your superior education suggests otherwise, Lorax, you’ll have to be more specific.

    And yes, first to secede from the Union from what I’ve been told.

    (Yep, that was corrected.)

  24. Dan Quayle was hounded for years for a misspelling of a word incident. By most accounts he is a decent and intelligent man. You can’t deny that if this was Bush the ridicule would go on for weeks. Mean, white, uncompassionate conservative, it would go on and on. How about equal treatment for BHO. After all he stands for equality.

  25. The Lorax says:

    Speaking of spelling mistakes, Leap, I think Cindy meant secede.

    I wouldn’t claim a “superior education” although I don’t know much about yours. He wasn’t saying he was a masterful bowler, it was self-deprecating. Not arrogant.

  26. Dang auto spell check!

    I feel self-depracation is often used as a mask for arrogance.

  27. Randy in Richmond says:

    Strupp is right. This is a non-issue. But there is a qualifier. It is a non issue for Obama. Not a non issue for Palin, Chenney, Bush…. But I don’t expect you Obama supporters to get it. This is the classic double standard of the MSM and Democrats in general.

  28. J. Strupp says:

    If Bush said the same thing I wouldn’t care either. My issues were never with what Bush Jr. said, always what he did (or didn’t do).

    Obama is arrogant. So what? We carved Teddy Roosevelt’s face on a mountain and he was considered as arrogant and as they come by many. Results matter. If Obama fails to fix our financial system and economy, he’s gone. If he succeeds, I can assure you that no one will give two rips whether he thinks he’s the chosen one or not. I know I won’t.

    Wasting our time on whether or not the guy should have gone on Leno or whether or not the guy made fun of Special Olympics kids isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans come Nov. 2012.

  29. I liked the appearance on Leno. I personally think it shows he’s trying to connect to the American people a lot more then the few presidents before him. I mean, com ‘on, nobody except the die hard fans watch the weekly youtube address and only people really interested in politics watch all those fancy 60 minute interviews and CNN jargon. I think this is a good step forward in the president trying to bring the fancy political stuff down to simple stuff on a show that everyone watches and doesn’t expect a whole lot of political jargon from anyway.

    I also agree with what J. Strupp said. I mean when FDR started the whole “New Deal” reform, a lot of people thought it was just a huge waste of government money at first and that FDR was throwing away our tax dollars, but i’m pretty sure it was pretty damn helpful in the end.

  30. J. Strupp says:

    Watch youself Joe. The revisionists are gonna jump all over you for that FDR comment. There’s a new cult out there that thinks FDR was responsible for the depths of the Great Depression.

  31. The Lorax says:

    Fairly Conservative? Sounds Fairly Convoluted to me.

  32. Joe –
    You have done an excellent job describing a problem with the American voting public of today. They don’t want to be bothered by politics…they just want to be entertained. You suggest that it is because the concepts are too fancy, too complicated, or only relevant to the junkies. I believe it is because the American public refuses to be actively engaged. Instead, they wait for a message to be spoon-fed.
    Obama’s appearance on Leno was just another step in the dumbing-down of America.

  33. Shawn, you’ve voiced that opinion before, but you keep coming back. Just can’t make up your mind?

    Again, if you do a little research, you’ll find it’s not unusual for an arrogant person to attempt self-deprecation in an attempt to mingle with the masses.

    J. Strupp, indeed, research is showing the policies of the New Deal were detrimental to America’s recovery. That doesn’t make the information the basis of a cult.

  34. J. Strupp says:

    Cult was the wrong word to use in this case.

    But most of the revisionist “research” done on this subject focuses on the short recession of 1937-38 for it’s justification of failed New Deal policies. That’s pretty much complete rubbish but this is pretty far off topic at this point so…..

  35. Tinkerbell says:

    @Lorax (comment 25) self-deprecating? For BO to infer that all his skills are so polished and fine, that a 129 bowling score was beneath him? Meanwhile, by analogy, he’s bowling an 88 on the economy – on a good day!

    Self-deprecating to infer that a skill score he distances himself from, might be embraced by someone else – a Special Olympian?!

    Sorry, that comes off as arrogance to me. One does not exercise modesty as a virtue by comparing themselves favorably with others as a foil.

    I believe his humor has failed him.

    I believe he’s got some volunteer work to do, to get to know these fine and gentle, hardworking people. Maybe they can start making jokes when they have a bad bowling game: jokes that they bowl like… the 44th president!

    Forgive? Absolutely.
    Forget? No.
    Why? It may well form a pattern. Watch and see.

  36. To CK @ 20, Snow ball has melted

    How about Leno’s (Freudian) racial slip, wondering if a black man, assuming that the President might possibly be disgruntled and angry about his bowling abilities, questioned whether the President had already, ” burned and torn down,” the bowling lanes?

    Where’s the outrage about the presumed first reaction of an angry black man being burning the object of his assumed anger?

    Drop me a note when you are in the county. Guinness on the lake side patio.

    Leno. Stunned, I tell you, really stunned.

  37. I didn’t know the significance of the “burning” comment until a tour I took to the Gullah/Geechee area last week.

    I guess I’ve been sheltered.

    Aren’t you still frozen up there?

  38. “Aren’t you still frozen up there?”

    My grandfather owned a motel and I worked fish boils at his restaurant, at age eight, with him. Tourists always asked him what it was we did up here in the summer. His reply, “Well, if it falls on a Sunday we usually have a picnic.”

    Global warming and all, it is all relative.