Travel day

Sorry, but after breakfast here it’s time to pack up and head to the airport. Since I don’t think either offer free wi-fi (and unless I get stuck at one or the other, I’m much to cheap to pay for it!), it will be later tonight, if not Thursday, before I get back to you.

Two things I hope to cover soon:

I need to more thoroughly summarize Obama’s Special Olympics comment. You may have been following some of the discussion on this post. I know he only whiffed two words, but this is a complex issue and deserves an organized attempt.

Also, the market did indeed enjoy a bounce yesterday. Out of the woods? Oh, who knows. I need to get it to a chart and babble about it all a bit, though.

What’s going on in Brookfield? The news of dropping class rank. It sounds like the decision will be a while in coming, and when it does arrive, they will phase it in with an entering Freshman class. I’m waiting a bit to make judgment. The youngest and I are heading to a couple of colleges and I’ll be curious as to their take on things.

You’re welcome to discuss it here.


  1. Cindy – you need to unlock your iPhone so that you can tether your laptop and use the 3G connection to blog where there is no WiFi.

  2. I know. And then I could do video, too.