Elmbrook Board President Meg Wartman willing to reinstate 4K (with UPDATES!)

Of course she is. She feels confident her re-election is in the bag after the primary. And yes, technically the news brief says, “discuss” but we’re all well aware of how that ends.

I tried to warn a few of you that the Devil You Know has a history of manipulating voters in this way. Nah, you told me, she’s really ok. You get what you vote for, folks.

From BrookfieldNOW:

Superintendent Matt Gibson and board members Glen Allgaier and Meg Wartman said they were willing to discuss the idea of implementing K4 in the 2010-11 school year.

No doubt, she will run to a reporter somewhere to “clarify” her 4K position.

You go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe. I can afford to leave the district any time I want. Will you be able to after Elmbrook’s plans for continued expansion?

Update – I received an early e-mail from Elmbrook board member Tom Gehl defending Meg Wartman. He’s been a strong supporter of her re-election campaign. While I appreciate Mr. Gehl’s chivalry, I have to ask: As board president, why can’t Ms. Wartman make a stronger stand? Offering to discuss a position she’s supposedly so opposed to is sending a very mixed message.

Update – In a fabulous bit of presto-chango, the article link above now reads:

Board member Meg Wartman said the program could not be implemented so quickly. In a later statement, she said she believes the board is still opposed to K4, though some members may be willing to discuss the issue.

“I am not supportive of revisiting 4K at this time,” she said.

I guess I’ll tape the stupid meeting and excerpt what was really said to a youtube clip. Good grief I wish we didn’t have to play such games.

One prediction came very true: Meg Wartman indeed ran to a reporter to clarify her 4K position. The magic of television will let us know if that final quote was from the meeting or from a second interview she demanded – which is exactly how the above reads.


  1. Larry Knetzger says:

    Cindy, is getting political power like a huge fetish that people will say and do anything to a chive that position. Say what you want to here, do what they want to do, keep secret their real agenda wishes and wants along with getting a certain amount of ridicule from those that elect these people based upon what they said to get to the position they attained. This deal with the board again revisiting what was already hashed over at great length. Good thing voters could not attend a meeting like that, I think it would be good to have scanners at the doors like they do at Mitchel International Airport. People in power pay no attention to voter likes or dislikes. Borch/Gibson will soon be leaving Dodge but they still have to get one more arrow in the check book of the voter. I for one will not believe anything Gibson has to say about costs, you can bet no hard math on paper to back what he says and even if it were provided could you really believe what was provided, not this enslaved tax payer.

  2. Larry Knetzger says:

    Hi Cindy, I spoke to some one today that had first hand knowledge of the meeting last night. The news paper article in Brookfield Now is totally off base a bad job of reporting by the author. No 4 K for Brookfield. Just a bad Newspaper article. I have had problems with them in the past not doing responsible reporting. Stinks out loud.

  3. So we were both told. You get to believe whatever you’d like, Larry. One can always watch the replay on cable tv and make a personal decision.

  4. Larry Knetzger says:

    Hi Cindy, I believe a work session like this one for the School Board is not recorded and so it is not available to be viewed. I could be wrong but that is my understanding. Your communication with Tom Gehl I think most likely contradicted the Brookfield Now poorly written article. The author of that article should clarify what was really discussed at the meeting. The head line is infuriating and to me the author is grinding an
    axe for some reason, you can’t be that far off of the truth with out a reason. Have a nice day.

  5. Larry, there were three recent meetings from which the article could have been written. (There was a fourth this week, but it was closed session.) Only the general meeting, which was indeed taped, had an agenda to support the 4K issue discussion. The two work meetings were on class rank and human growth and development. If the topic came up in either of those, it was in violation of the state’s open meeting laws.

    I taped it last night. I’ll pop up whatever was said by Tuesday.

    Don’t get your undies in a bundle. Wartman will still win. We’ll just know for sure how she handled the original discussion and whether or not the reporter deserves to be vilified as her allies on the school board have been so quick to assert.