Paul Ryan grabbed a reporter to whine today, too.

He’s really, really sorry about his vote to tax back the AIG bonuses.

I want a politician who thinks before they vote. Please?


  1. Another glowing analysis here: PLEASE NOTE, NOT RECOMMENDED FOR COULROPHOBIACS. (Love that word, but how often do you get to use it?)

    Being fairly conservative myself I am still looking for some bipartisanship from either side. Our country is in peril. We’ve got no time to waste with idiots like Ryan. We need discussions and solutions.

  2. Oh D. Unfortunately the rest of your work doesn’t match your fairly conservative claim.

    I think you just like to stir the pot.

  3. …some pots need stirring. It makes for much better final results.

    But I could be wrong. I often am.

  4. Point being, Ryan seems to be eviscerating himself handily. Idiotic, because I know we must have smarter and better people somewhere. That post was number one this morning on, “their,” site, the liberals, I mean. How far does that go to help one to be perceived as a capable leader? We lost almost all political power with the old dogma, I for one am still looking for ideas and not consigned to follow blindly along not having any access at all to the important decisions being made.

    I am old enough to remember a much different definition of Republican than what we are so anally ascribing to today. And yes, I will submit that I may have mistaken your definition the word, “fairly.” My meaning being somewhat “equitable,” and I think your definition might mean, “mostly.”