The song in my head: Chili Peppers “By the way”


  1. Why?

  2. Sometimes I can figure out why, but I couldn’t do it for this one.

  3. Sorry C but its an awful song.

  4. I’m inclined to agree. Which made the fact that it was stuck in my head even worse!

  5. The Lorax says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while, when did you start listening to Death Cab for Cutie? I’m assuming it was under the shepherding of Meg.

  6. I will confess I first heard Transatlantacism because she was playing it in my car, but I liked it all by myself! Now she’s got me hooked on the Ting Tings. The Kooks and The Shins are her fault, too.

    I’ve always liked oddball stuff. Bands I found that I still enjoy are Barcelona and The Nields who have been split for a few years.

    My iTunes library looks like anything but an aging housewife.

  7. The Lorax says:

    Check out Beirut. It might whet your appetite. I never thought we’d share similar music taste. What kind of classics do you enjoy?

  8. The Lorax says:

    BTW, yes, this is a horrible song.

  9. Classics like Mozart or classic rock and popular music?

  10. The Lorax says:

    The latter.

  11. The Traveling Wilburys, ELO, Beck (not that classic!), Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, some Bruce Springsteen (although anything after Born to Run tends to be iffy), Fleetwood Mac, went through a girl phase – Natalie Merchant/Alanis Morissette/Joan Osborne, Johnny Cash (my dad’s fault), Paul Simon & Simon and Garfunkel, Three Dog Night, Queen, The Kinks, The English Beat, Van Morrison. Add Weezer and Green Day the summer of the girls. (The oldest jokes he thought everyone’s parents had the Blue album and couldn’t figure out why it was such a big deal when his friends discovered it a couple of years later.)

    And about 20 more, but I’m sure you’re bored by now.

  12. The Lorax says:

    No I’m not bored at all. I would love to start a “music club” that functions like a book club. Study an album for a week or two and get back together and share together.