A review of Robert’s Rules is in order

Elmbrook school board needs a little refresher. Watch this video from the 24th:

Here’s a link to a handy-dandy two-page cheat sheet they can print and use of Robert’s Rules.

Tabling a Motion
Tabling a motion lays aside an item of business temporarily in order to attend other business. A tabled motion cannot be taken from the table until another item of business has been transacted since the tabling. If the tabled motion is not removed from the table by the end of the next meeting, the motion ceases to exist.
1. A member makes a motion to table the motion.
2. Motion must be seconded (No discussion).
3. Presiding officer calls for a vote, and states result of the vote and action taken.

Video originally from Elmbrook Schools via public channel access. (I finally have my new capture system set up!)


  1. I’ve been thinking. I wonder if this sensitive vote to add a/c to Pilgrim Park was put off until it won’t matter at the polls?

  2. It’s a good thought, but nah. If that were the primary consideration it wouldn’t have been on the agenda at all.