Ready to go glossy?

The oldest sent me the link to this New York Times story that shows how anyone can make a magazine for 20 cents a page.

Imagine the possibilities of MagCloud. Championship season? Put together a magazine that teammates can order. Have some great household tips? Sell them off in 4-color glory.

Great. Something new to play with instead of getting my work done. Brookfield City News goes monthly?


  1. Wow! What a great opportunity for groups and individuals!

    A school class could make a magazine of their field trips and special activities for the year. A family could make a family reunion magazine to send to attendees and those that couldn’t attend. How about weddings?

    When I think of our homeschool group’s struggles (and expense) to make a primitive black and white year book…

    Sky is the limit: Crafting, cooking, home business catalog, artisans portfolio, yikes!

    Thanks for sharing.