Video: Elmbrook 4K budget discussion

By the power of video and the internet, we can once and for all finish the “who said what” discussion that started last week regarding 4K.

Two questions remain. Did she say it? Should a reporter be vilified for getting it wrong?

Yes, Elmbrook school board president Meg Wartman said: “…I welcome a full discussion on 4K…”, but a careful listener would have heard it in this context:

“Am I supposed to say that I welcome a full discussion on 4k?”

I can see how the reporter missed the context. As you’ll see, Wartman has her head turned a bit and it’s quick.

At the beginning of this topic, board member Glen Allgaier also said, “I have no objection to discussing it” regarding 4K. Member Bob Ziegler insists 4K needs to come back for “revenue enhancement.” (Hello, guess who pays for that?) Later, after Wartman talked about fees in the Superintendent’s budget plan, (Yes, I’ll say thank you. Obviously this is one of my pet peeves as well.) she offered her quip. It’s all below for you to watch:

This isn’t the entire budget discussion. Obviously, open enrollment came up. Also, Gary Jones advocates distance learning (yea Gary!). If you watch above, you’ll see Tom Gehl weigh in, too.

Video originally from Elmbrook Schools via public channel access.


  1. I think her comment after that was “I can’t quite get there yet.”

  2. We could always debate what she might have meant by using the word “yet.”