Fast Money will never be the same

Dylan is gone.

There is no longer a reason to embarrass myself outside the Nasdaq window on Time Square.

From the old Brookfield City News:

By Cindy Kilkenny
Tuesday, Aug 21 2007, 06:04 PM
I know 98 of 100 of you won’t care, but I had so much fun tonight! Our hotel is a couple of doors down from where Dylan Ratigan and the crew were doing tonight’s Fast Money. Granted, you have to be a real market junkie to love the show, but it’s the closest thing I’ve had to a rockstar moment since Danny Federici threw me a towel at the Dallas concert when Bruce Springsteen was touring The River in the early 80’s.


  1. wonder where he is heading, I have been a fan of Dylan since his Bloomberg days….

    btw…Randy – Cramer is a liberal, big time.