Honorable mention for our not so honorable Mayor

Slumlords are in the news again.

Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker finally made the paper yesterday. Funny, though, it had nothing to do with improving Brookfield. You see, columnist Daniel Bice had a brief mention of Speaker in his No Quarter column about slumlord and Milwaukee County supervisor Lee Holloway. Bice wrote:

In addition, there are other politicians, such as Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker, who have earned the slumlord tag, and the city has other property owners with much more extensive violations.

Evidently Milwaukee really doesn’t care. Speaker’s violations earned an extension, but ten months later there is no public evidence of compliance. Speaker did pull a permit to have some electrical work done.

Selective enforcement is destroying the inner city. Hold them all accountable Milwaukee or you can expect the shambles to creep into your own backyard.

Speaker also earned a special mention in the accompanying Journal Sentinel editorial. Oooohhh. Ink. (Um, like it matters.)

Strangely, and I mean very, very strangely, Jeff Speaker was credited in this article recently for circulating a petition supporting New Berlin incumbent Mayor Jack Chiovatero.

Chiovatero said that Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker led a petition effort in which regional municipal leaders have endorsed Chiovatero for re-election.

Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker rarely weighs in on Brookfield issues. (When’s the last time you heard from him?) What the heck is he doing playing in New Berlin politics?


But then, it’s Wisconsin, and we’re talking Jeff Speaker. I suppose it’s to be expected.