New blog feature

If you click on the headline to get to an individual post you’ll find links for related posts before the comments. I’m still playing with this to give you the most relevant choices. So far they look a little off to me, but it may be that the program learns as it goes.

Let me know if this new feature slows down the loading time for you. I’m using it for a couple of reasons, but I don’t want either of my goals to interfere with your ease of reading.


  1. Kathryn says:

    My web filter is blocking you right and left since you added the new feature. I don’t understand it–it doesn’t list your address in the report. Do you link to an outside site? Maybe just a coincidence that the filter went bonkers.

  2. I’ll undo it through the weekend and you let me know if it changes things.

    One of my goals was obliterated, so I’m not sure I’m keeping it anyway.