Because she never met a tax dollar she didn’t want to spend

Elmbrook School Board President Meg Wartman wants air conditioning for Pilgrim Park Middle School. She’s siding with Bob Ziegler on that one. A majority of the new board members aren’t so sure according to this BrookfieldNOW article. (Yes, I know, a phone call to a reporter may be in short order by Ms. Wartman to “clarify” her point.)

Keep in mind I speculated an earlier vote may have been postponed on this issue so the election could pass. It does make a girl wonder…

Kudos to board member Dave Marcello for taking a lead position in the article questioning the need for a/c given the district’s concerns regarding future budgets.


  1. The district is already financially strapped. If the QEO is repealed, we could potentially be in even more dire straights. Why do people continue to ignore this??

  2. The Lorax says:

    Because we’re slobberheads, Libby.

  3. True, but it is no excuse. 😉