New York City and Archbishop Timothy Dolan

Our trip here was planned well before the announcement that Milwaukee’s Archbishop would be relocating to New York City. It’s been fun to be around for the festivities. The local television stations are interviewing anyone that ever met the guy.

Today we’ve hit a snag, though. Shopping was schedule for the flagship H&M store which happens to be right across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. (I’ve been known to bribe the youngest with shopping scheduled around a Mass there… 😉 ) It could be a little crowded today, but we might as well give it a try after our matinee performance of Blithe Spirit. Hopefully we’ll miss most of the crowd by late afternoon.

You can watch Dolan’s installation at the NY Archdiocese Web site.


  1. Milwaukee’s loss is New York’s gain. Dolan will do a great job in NYC, but I can’t wait to see who the church picks to replace him here in Milwaukee.