Percheron Square falls apart

Primarily because it was never ready to develop in the first place. And yes, the reporter explains there’s an extension in the works, but no plans will be presented by October 21st. It’s just the city’s way of desperately trying to hold it all together. Those plans would cost the developers money, and it’s money no one wants to spend for a project that won’t be built.

The Plan Commission and Council whisked the approvals through so VK could have an approved project to go on his books. (VK’s dealing with an itty bitty cash flow problem from what I hear. He’s finding it hard to get new loans, and a collapsing portfolio doesn’t help.) I guess you can just add this project to the list that Mayor Jeff Speaker has messed up in Brookfield.

It’s really expensive for taxpayers to get these projects approved. The staff hours are enormous. Think of all the approvals Speaker has ushered in over the years that never make it to construction.

Ka-ching Brookfield. You get what you vote for. Thinking leadership wouldn’t be so quick to push the approval process in a down economy. Remember, you’ve got real money into this project already. I wonder if you’ve been payed back?

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  1. Brookfield Daze says:

    Looks like another good call by those leading the charge….good thing the new fire station will be closer to protect the empty fields. At least they will have a nice road to head there.

  2. Not sure how your fee structure is set up over there but developers here have to pay as they go. Site plan prep and review, zoning changes expenses for special meetings all are charged back as they are submitted.

    Does Brookfield not charge staff time back in the submission fees?

  3. There is a one-time charge, but it doesn’t cover the whole of staff costs.