Is Flemings closing near Brookfield Square? The sequel

Cranky Cindy here (Yes, she still shows up sometimes, even on a remarkably beautiful Saturday afternoon.) to set the record straight.

I did not say Flemings was closing. I asked the question, “Is Flemings closing near Brookfield Square?” The news of the restaurant’s possible closure had come to me from someone that does business with them. Rather than assert, I asked. Granted, asking questions is pretty dangerous in Brookfield.

Flemings ownership is working overtime to affirm they are staying open. Sadly, it appears they are starting to complain it’s my fault the rumor exists at all. Before you know it, this little ol’ housewife will be blamed with bringing down a multi-million dollar operation. After all, the rumor is hurting business!

An overpriced menu in a recession isn’t going to do very well around these conservative parts. Yes, you want business events, but banks and insurance companies don’t want to get caught with a fork in your $100+ a head meals. I’d bet my freezer full of properly aged-beef (Nye’s Big Sky – it’s almost market time!) the rumor is an excuse.

Buck up. Either you can weather the economic downturn or you can’t, but for goodness sake stop blaming others when your business model is failing during a tough patch.

You can always try to shore up business with free samples at next month’s market.

In the for-what-it’s-worth department, V. Richards swore a couple of weeks before their closing announcement that they weren’t closing. A manager explained the rumor starts every year about this time when I called.


  1. Why would you ever go to an overpriced chain place when you could get better food/wine/ambiance at a lot of the home-grown places like Bartolotta’s or Eddie Martini. Just doesn’t make sense.