Brookfield fire stations way over initial estimate

Last week we heard the budget was jumbled to put more money in for the two new fire stations. Frankly, I’d lost track of how much was being spent on them, so I asked City of Brookfield Finance Director Robert Scott. His reply:

The total amount allocated by the Council relative to the fire stations project is $7,500,000. This amount includes the utilization of $800,000 in proceeds from the sale of the city-owned lots on Burleigh Road west of Calhoun. The total monies allocated fund the design/engineering, property acquisition, and construction costs for the actual stations, plus the costs for the improvements to Fairview North park.

Here’s a bit of MJS reporting from May 2, 2008:

The total project cost is estimated at about $6.8 million, higher than the $6 million estimate given to aldermen in April 2007 when they approved the plan, according to the latest figures supplied by Scott.

Six million to 6.8 million to 7.5 million. A full 25% over estimate. (When the project surfaced the dollars estimated were even less.) All of this when the building bids were much better than expected because of the desire for work. It really sounds like someone didn’t plan ahead.

But hey, it’s only your money.