Five names floating for Brookfield’s next mayoral race

Hey, I asked a 6th a couple of weeks ago, but missed the little detail that he didn’t live in the city. 🙁

Anyway, word is out that Jeff Speaker is very vulnerable, and they are lining up to explore the possibility of replacing him. I’m even hearing a suggestion or two is coming from City Hall staff. There’s also speculation the Republican party isn’t planning to continue to back Jeff Speaker as they aren’t happy with his performance. (Good grief, talk about slow to the news.)

I’m not sure I’d be so quick to jump on a staff request to run. A couple of them are good at stirring the pot, but pounce the first time it looks like their own position might be in jeopardy. Ugly business, local politics.

We won’t talk specifics today. Just know there are a few people planning ahead. And no, I’m not one of them. Hey, I’d have to quit my day job! Besides, being thrown under the bus once was enough for me.

I will say Scott Berg’s name is out there. He’s had trouble keeping a job the last couple of years and wouldn’t mind the security. That, my dear readers, could mean some fun. I still have a fully-colored picture of his diseased appendix somewhere. Maybe it could be used for a postcard mailer.

Come on. Time to tell if you’ve heard anything.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Maybe we could come up with organ-theme name for this ragtag group with mayoral aspirations. The Diseased Appendix. The Danky Liver. The Shriveled Spleen.

    But hey, truth be told I’m rooting for Patrick Murphy to come out of retirement swinging. He’d be The Deflated Lung. But man, he’s funny.

  2. Doesn’t Murphy live in Elm Grove?

    I like the Danky Liver. Some funny stuff there.