David Mastio of BlogNetNews.com loses another fan

This one’s gone and called Mastio the “Kathy Lee Gifford of the internet!” The “Hotel California of aggregators.”

If you’ve paid attention to my dissatisfaction with Mastio stealing my words, you’ll have to check out Todd Lohenry’s latest assessment of BlogNetNews.com.

And Lohenry’s right. Once I started my effort to be removed I never hit the top tier again. Traffic increased exponentially, but not BNN’s ranking. Like Mastio doesn’t manipulate the numbers.


  1. My dealings with Mastio revealed that he is a fraud and his website is off the wall. We had one website in CT that had 3 comments and maybe 2 articles and was ranked highly that week. The CT editor was manipulating the rankings so that her site was ranked highly on a weekly basis. I disengaged when he started putting up ads on my site. Today out of curiosity I tried to bring up BNN and is wasn’t there 🙂 .

  2. I wouldn’t doubt it. That man is just after what he can get to land in his wallet.

    I just checked, though, and it’s working for me.