Guten Morgen Brookfield

The youngest had a 6:40 a.m. high school obligation to fill our the AP exam preliminary registration, so we’re up early around here. I’m pleased to report it looks like little happened overnight in Brookfield. There is some Elmbrook news to hash out, though.

Ok, so maybe hash wasn’t a great word choice. Three students have been suspended by the district for having trace amounts of marijuana or marijuana residue in their school-parked vehicle. Please call the national guard. Oh, I know, the district has rules, but good grief. Like families never share cars. (If you’ve not heard it before, I think we should legalize marijuana and tax the heck out of it. You know, balance the state debt.)

Also making news is Elmbrook school district’s new lawsuit to bar graduation at Elmbrook church this June. This MJS article is the first confirmation I’ve had that the youngest will indeed graduate in the new Brookfield East gymnasium. Gosh! Who knew referendum proponents could use “avoid lawsuit” in the laundry list of reasons we had to have new gyms – a huge chunk of the money the district is spending.

By the way, I’ve decided that groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State deny my constitutional right to peaceable assembly and watch my kid get a high school diploma in comfort. Maybe I should sue. (Or shut up. Next thing you know Elmbrook School District will use the graduations to advocate for padded gymnasium seats.)

It looks like a couple of fabulous weather days on tap. I will not know for sure since I’ll be tethered to a couple of sewing machines in the basement. In case you haven’t heard, I found one pair of good scissors. I had to clean six drawers before the discovery. It was entirely my fault they were in the wrong place. Just in case you’re keeping track…

Update – so much for that fabulous weather day that was expected.


  1. The marijuanna story bothers me.

    Is there some important detail missing from the story? I can’t even see how this is a violation of the district policy. A dog could find residue of a happy meal or two in my car. That doesn’t mean I’m in possession of fries.

    Also the story from several weeks ago about the girl who had pot in her bra: do adults get searched like that prior to being formally detained? I don’t condone the drug use or possession, but the presumption is disturbing.